Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bahrain on the Brain

We interrupt today's normally scheduled fun blogging for more Where the Fuck is John Moving.

Previously on Where the Fuck is John Moving, our hero (me) was worried that John might be sent -suddenly- to Bahrain/Iraq for 4 months. That "career move" was nixed by his supervisor, who then was transferred. The new supervisor re-opened the possible assignment. Fortunately, February 13th came and went with John still safely in the Good Ol' U. S. of A.

Next, John's entire department was reorganized and people there less than a year had to find new assignments. One of the options: Bumfuck, Georgia for three years, rotating 8 months in GA and 4 months in Iraq and/or Afghanistan every year.

THIS MORNING, John calls and says that he may be going to Bahrain for ONE YEAR, possibly leaving in June or July. He would be able to take a trip or two back to the States, and he would be allowed to have visitors. (Would I want to go to Bahrain? I checked out the State Department's Consular Information Sheet. It doesn't look too bad.).

On the bright side, it's only for one year and when he returns he would have his choice of assignments (DC! DC!). On the not-so-bright side, it's Bahrain.

Yet another reason why love sucks.

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  1. Dude. Your boyfriend's job? Unstable. Ugh.