Thursday, February 16, 2006

I Called the Waiter a "Tard"

Not very politically correct, and I didn't say it to his face, but I was getting frustrated ...

And when you're immature like me and you're getting frustrated, you lash out by calling people names. It's how the world works, yo.

Last night, after work, John and I took Christal to Jackie's. Our waiter was new and ... um ... frazzled.

To start, I ordered Jackie's peach martini. John ordered 4 Elvis mini burgers. The peach martini tasted like it came out of a can. Canned peaches. blurgh. The mini burgers looked YUM though, and John and Christal polished them off quite quickly (once they arrived). Christal ordered a raspberry martini, which ROCKED! So, I had to have one too.

Our waiter disappeared. We had to send the water-pourer-guy on a mission to find him so we could order our food. The waiter came back and said, "your mini burgers should be right out."

"Um. We've already eaten them," John told him. He looked confused.

He took our orders. John and Christal both ordered the Wednesday night special - skillet fried chicken and potato salad. John added a side of spinach. I ordered roasted eggplant on a bed of quinoa (which I've always pronounced "Kwee-NOH-ah," but have been told by someone else that it's "kwee-NWHA." I'm not sure I believe him.). I also ordered the warm camenbert salad.

Our entrees arrived. I had to ask about the salad. The waiter brought it out. I ate some of it. Another waiter comes by and asks, "Who had the green salad?"

"No one here."

He walks away, comes back, reaches down to take my salad, and says, "You ordered the green salad not the camenbert."

"Hand's off, freaky boy. I think I know what I ordered," I thought, but said, "No. I ordered the camenbert."

He puts my plate back down and says to our waiter, "You put the wrong salad into the computer."

Y'know ... whatever ... but I would think a waiter should know better than to grab someone's already eaten food. If I had received the salad I didn't order, I would have let them know. Now, back off.

We finished our entrees. Mine was yummy (although a little salty). Christal thought the chicken was a little dry. Then, we had a bowl of cranberry sorbet for dessert. Yum.

We went back to Christal's for after dinner drinks and conversation. All in all, a good night.

Until bed time, that is.

To prevent embarassment I won't name names, but a certain someone who sometimes shares a bed with me had some noxious fartage last night. I blame the fried chicken. Or it could have been the pimento cheese on the mini burgers. Either way. *GASP* *I can't breathe*

What's on the agenda for today? Not much. John is possibly having dinner with his realtor to discuss what his options are if he has to move to Georgia. So, I'll probably stay home and knit. I haven't knitted anything in a couple of days. I've done -maybe- two inches of the back of my sweater. I need to get crackin' on that.

Busy weekend ahead too. Hopin' to go out on Friday (John has to go to a funeral). Saturday, having brunch with Tomoko and Nida (a graduate school friend who is now in NYC). Monday marks the return of Steven and Laura Day. Woo hoo!

*fried chicken smooches*


  1. sounds like it was a fun night!

    although the waiter was a total 'tard.

    that's why we have pennies!

  2. Oh, lord, you've reached the relationship stage of openly farting in front of each other.

    I've heard very mixed things about Jackie's, though I haven't been. And I've always heard quinoa is pronounced KEEN-wah. What-ever!

  3. Billy's right, it's KEEN-wah.