Monday, February 27, 2006

Singapore! Sing Some More!

I'm a big stats whore. And, I noticed that I've had a visitor or 2 from Singapore. Woo hoo! Singapore! Home of the Singapore Sling! No, pervo, that's not a sexual device, it's a drink! And a yummy one at that...

I visited Singapore in 1998. After leaving Japan, my friend, Anne-Marie and I, spent a few months traveling around Southeast Asia - Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore ... We actually spent more time than we wanted in Singapore because as we were preparing to go to Indonesia, the rupiah collapsed and people were rioting in the streets. We opted not to go, so we spent extra time in Singapore getting our plane tickets sorted. Then, we travelled back to Malaysia, ending up in Kota Bahru and the Perhentian Islands... which was awesome.

But, back to Singapore, we did all sorts of fun things - drinks at Raffles Hotel, the Night Safari (which was a happy exception to most disastrous Asian zoos), and many many nights of eating out with friends and drinking Tiger Beer. Yum.

I was flipping through my photos from that trip this weekend. I was so young and cute then ... now, I'm just old and cute. *sigh*

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