Tuesday, February 21, 2006

If My Life Were Any More Exciting, I'd Be a Tree

I'm having a grammar issue. It's too early to think about the subjunctive mood, but here it is ...

"If my life was any more exciting" or "If my life were any more exciting?"

Hmm ... i'm thinking "were" ... I'm going to change the title ... some Grammar Goddess out there tell me if I'm wrong. Please.

OK. On with our regularly scheduled entry ...

Yesterday was John's birthday. I still haven't bought his present. BUT, we slept in (until a little after 10 ... I'm sure Oscar's bladder was about to explode). I got up, let the dog out, started the coffee, and mixed together some cranberry pancake batter. When John got up, he grumpily made the pancakes.

I'm sorry, but I'm a pancake-making disaster. It's best if I leave the flipping to the experts.

Later that afternoon, we got out the convertible and drove to Arundel Mills Outlets. I needed to buy a new pair of shoes or two. Did I?


I think I experienced "shoe overload." Too many shoes. Too many options. My shoe-buying hardware short-circuited. Then, crashed. Perhaps I need to be rebooted.


I just typed "rebooted."

For dinner, we went to Dave and Busters. I had a manhattan. John had a beer. Then, I had a beer. Then, I was a little tipsy. The food was OK. Nothing special. Fortunately, D&B's is having a $14.95 dinner special. You get an entree and a $10 game card. Pretty sweet deal. John got to play all his manly shoot-people-with-guns games. I watched. Actually, I tried playing once, but sucked.

"What do you mean I lose points if I shoot a civilian?"

That was so unfair.

We drove back to his house. Watched some TV. Went to bed. Had amazing, hard-pounding ... erm ... movie-watching.

He said it was a good birthday. Yay.

The rest of my weekend was as follows:

Sunday, we didn't do much of anything, but we did catch the Harrison Ford flick Firewall. It was a good afternoon romp kind of movie. Much like all his other movies in the "My family's in trouble. I must save them" genre.

Saturday morning, I met Tomoko, Nida (a friend from grad school, visiting from NYC), and Nida's husband-to-be at Mimi's for brunch. I was about 40 minutes late because the friggin' metro ride took an hour and a half (about 40 minutes longer than it should have). Then, instead of going shopping for John's birthday present and dealing with two (or more) extended metro rides, I took one more extended metro ride home.

At home, I moved furniture, lots and lots of furniture - three bed frames [and all the acoutrements], one bedside table, one mirror, two boxes, and two giganto rubbermaid containers - into my storage space in the basement.

I made some dinner, knitted a bit, and waited for John. He picked me up around 10 and we went to De Lounge (aka Dead Lounge). Much to our surprise, it was lesbian country-western night. Yee-haw! We had two drinks each and left.

Hm. I can't remember what I did Friday night. Behold! The ravages of age! [Later: OK. I've remembered. I had a fit of crankiness. Started crying on the phone with John (momentary stress over his job situation). Went into the District. Bought lottery tickets (I didn't win). Went to a bar. Hated it. Went home. Went to bed.]

In other news, several people have asked if this will be my new bloghome and if they should update their links. Right now, all I can say is "maybe."

I love Diary-X very muchly and would like to keep my Enviroboi Journal going; however, I think it depends mostly on how the data recovery goes. If (when?) Diary-X comes back online, I may keep both that journal and this blog going. I'm not sure.

In the meantime, link here and we'll see what happens :-)

*many happy "It's Tuesday" smooches*


  1. Yes, were.

    You can't flip pancakes? What, are you five years old?

    And that thing that happened to you Friday? Cranky, crying, lottery tickets, hated the bar? That was your period.

    At least, that's what mine's like. (*snivel bitch complain*)

    I like you at Blogger. I like you at Diary-X. Just don't be disappearin' on me, that's all I ask.

  2. > "What do you mean I lose points if I shoot a civilian?"
    > That was so unfair.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Oh, how true it is. How very true.