Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Trials and Tribulations

Good Morning, Kittens!

I'm off to get my hair did this morning. OMG. I love me some Quality Time with the Colornatrix. I have a bottle of tea-infused vodka for her. Hope she likes it.

So, yesterday, there was Capital D Drama, which if you follow my facebooktwitterplurkstatusupdates you might have heard about...

I had a date. With a guy.
At 5:30. At Adega (mmm. Eggplant Fries).
I'm at Adega at 5:30, perusing the wine selection when I get a text message:
"I'm running late."
To which I reply, "How late?"
10 minutes and a Happy Hour Glass of Cabernet later, I get the following reply:
"I'll be leaving work in 5 minutes and it'll take me 4o more minutes to get there."
To which I reply, "I don't feel like sitting here for another 45 minutes, so don't bother."

I have given him a Third Chance though. We've rescheduled for Thursday. Same time. Same place. He says he'll be early. I'm not holding my breath.

Fortunately, after that disappointment, K-Factor and SCGB joined me at the abode for beer and cake-devouring. Mmm. Cake.

Fast forward to the future ... after my hair appointment, I'm meeting Mike Who Makes Cakes for lunch. And later in the evening, I'll be having cocktails with CNTBD (remember him?).

And there's even More Good News on the job front which I'm not going to blog about for fear of jinxing it. Stay tuned and fingers crossed.

Love you. Mean it.



  1. I haven't uncrossed them from since your facebook post.

    While the lateness is disappointing, I don't think it qualifies under the "men suck" category. At least he A) didn't out and out cancel on you - he gave that option to you; B) notified you right at the start of the date instead of making you wait; C) well, points off for not letting you know earlier when he should have known he was going to be late anyway. But he at least wanted to reschedule right away.

    Fingers crossed on this one, too.

    Word verification: billingl - able to charge fees for services in two languages.

  2. anne marie in philly9:04 AM

    my, you are a busy boy...all these men friends...HOW do you ever keep them all in the air at the same time...

    mmmmm, chocolate bundt cake...

    keeping fingers, arms, legs, toes crossed on the you-know-what front; I don't wanna jinx it either!

  3. Fingers way crossed.

  4. Fingers (and paws) crossed. (And THIRD chance? Clearly he screwed up chance #1, as well. He'd better either be super cute, or you should get to make him wait next time. And if he screws up a third time? Totally not worth it, no matter how cute/well-endowed. I'm just sayin'.)

  5. I'm sorta with David on this one - and as I twittered you, even though this guy evidently sucks (if he screws up chance #3, he'll move from 'evidently' to 'definitely' sucks) there are still a few good guys out there. Honest, there really are.

  6. I'm crossing on one hand for a job and the other hand that it's local!

  7. rn terri8:17 PM

    Keeping everything crossed for you!!! Too bad about the sucky evening of waiting, I hate that, sounds like it ended well tho.