Monday, July 06, 2009

Weekend Update: Fantastic Fourth Edition

Good Morning, Kittens.

Hope you are all well-rested from your Extra-Long Weekend and tackling this bright sunny Monday with vigor!

My weekend was quite good. On Saturday afternoon, I did some gardening, planting 4 different kinds of basil: 2 Thai basil plants, 1 cinnamon basil, 1 purple basil, and a whole bunch of sweet basil seedlings. Then, I made a red quinoa salad (red quinoa + corn + black beans + red onion) with a lime vinaigrette to take to Mike's Fourth of July BBQ, which was a lot of fun. From his house, we walked to Scott Circle to watch the fireworks. Here's a video (no sound) of the Grand Finale:

The rest of the photos are here.

Y drove me home. We had sex. Lots of it. Then, on Sunday morning, he popped the question (so to speak). He asked me if he could move in for a few months. He will be finishing he dissertation this summer and looking for a new job (somewhere). He would like to rent out his entire condo rather than risk leaving it partially vacant.

In normal circumstances, I would have immediately said no. However, these are not normal times and an extra $500 for a few months would certainly be helpful. I would also have to draw some strict boundaries. Anyway, it's something I have to take a few days to think about for sure ...

After he left, Eric from Baltimore came down and we met Tiger and her boyfriend for Margaritas at Alero. Then, Eric and I went to Nellie's for a few drinks. It was dead. We left and got home a little before 11.

All in all, a pretty groovy weekend.
Have a great day!


  1. Hmmm, you can probably guess what my opinion is on Y moving in. On the other hand, it'd sure as hell make for some interesting drama.

  2. Why oh Y? I am with Mel...errrr. But yes, it would be interesting to hear the stories and if he comes around in any way.

  3. anne marie in philly4:16 PM

    I don't know about all this...think long and carefully, friend.

    and how would isabella feel?

  4. Not knowing anything about the guy, I have no opinion, other than I'm ALWAYS leery of letting someone into my house, regardless of their intentions. And I think Anne Marie has raised the most important question: how WOULD Isabella feel - not a question to be answered lightly!

  5. I just let my mom move back in to my house, so I understand the lure of the extra $ in a month. Just be careful with your heart - you can't trust him to be. ((hug))

  6. Yeah, what Chelsea said. His trustworthiness is suspect. The ready access to sex might be a nice perk, though, depending on how things go. I certainly understand your interest in some extra cash flow. Is he fiscally responsible? Would he try to finagle out of paying rent?

  7. You're a big boy. Can you enjoy having him around without becoming dependent? Will he cramp your style in terms of all de utha boyz?

    Word verification: pitens

  8. I understand about being poor and what it can do to your dignity. It sucks. Big time. And not in the good way.