Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Slight Glimmer?

Good Morning, Kittens.

Pottery class last night was fun (and productive). I threw two vases. One of which I will keep for my knitting needles ... if they turn out nice. I forgot to take pictures of them though. Bah.

When I got home from pottery, I had a positive email waiting for me. One of my government applications has cleared the HR Bureaucracy and has been sent to the Selecting Official, who will decide who to interview (or not to interview or not to even have any interviews). Since being laid off, I think this is the first -of many- government applications to clear the HR Hurdle. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone in that government office to contact to put in a good word to the Selecting Official for me. Oh, well. My stellar resume will have to speak for itself.

Although my day today will be filled the the drudgery of house-keeping and job-hunting. Tonight, I'm meeting a friend for margaritas and, then, we are going bowling. Fun times.

Have a great day! *smooches*


  1. anne marie in philly10:32 AM

    YAYZ for positive e-mail on the job front!

    lift a margarita in celebration!

    perhaps whilst housekeeping today you will find isabella's hand-knit catnip mousie...

  2. WhooHoo! Yea! You are owed some good karma -- some stellar karma.

  3. Yea for clearing that first hurdle! I hope it is a fast sprint to the finish line.

  4. Hot dang and Hallelujah! Congratulations on clearing the first hurdle. I think you and Miss Isabella ought to celebrate if you get even an interview. Chef's Little Helper for you, and perhaps the world's most indulgent cat food for her.

  5. rn terri6:13 PM

    Congrats, and drink a marg. for me!

  6. Oh! Fingers crossed!