Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Bad and the Good. No Ugly.

Good morning, Kittens!

For the nearly four years I have lived in my apartment, my kitchen sink has given me fits. It clogs regularly. I usually end up having to buy some fancy "older pipes" safe clog remover. I pour it down the drain. Things gurgle and fume and the clog goes away ... temporarily.

Yesterday, I noticed the drain was getting slow again. Unfortunately, I didn't have any expensive clog remover. BUT, then I remembered that the last time my parents visited, they bought a toothed flexible plastic thingy to for my bathroom sink's temperamental and unaccesible drain. "Why don't I try that first,"I thought.

So, I stuck it down the kitchen sink and I heard this weird thunky sound. "Something's in there," I thought. It looked black. Maybe I had dropped a utensil at some point and didn't realize it. I skillfully maneuvered the toothed flexible plastic thingy and managed to bring to the surface ... a disgusting toothbrush, stained black from all the food gunk (and probably the corrosive clog remover). Here's the thing: It was not a toothbrush of mine (they are all accounted for. I checked).


The drain was still slow. I fished around with the plastic thingy some more, hoping to break up the clog. And, I heard another thunky sound. "Something *else* is in there?" GAH. This one was too deep and difficult to bring up with the plastic thingy, so I grabbed some long cooking chopsticks, snagged the sucker, and brought it to the light of day ...

A steak knife. I disgusting crud-encrusted steak knife. It was not one of mine. They are all accounted for. I checked.


I wrapped them in a paper towel and tossed them in the trash (after taking a photo for blog and posterity).

Since you so graciously read through that nastiness, here's some yumminess ...

Homemade black olive and oven-dried grape tomato tapenade on toasted pita points.

You see, I had some grape tomatoes that were about to go off ... and a lot of time.

First, I broiled them in my toaster oven at 500F. BUT, as they were broiling, I read in Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian that I could lower the temperature to 225F and wait for a couple hours, which is what I did.

While that was happening, I chopped up some kalamata olives, garlic, salt, pepper, and olive oil in a food processor and put the mixture in a bowl.

After the tomatoes finished drying, I put them in the food processor with a little more olive oil. Once they were well-chopped, I stirred them into the olive mixture.

Total teh Yumz.

Pottery class was good, but not very productive. I have almost finished Esther and Joe's wedding present. Yay. It took the entire class.

There are only two classes left. I have not been very productive this summer: 2 vases, one bowl, one wedding present. I have two mugs in the making. And that's it. Not much.

Have a great day!


  1. I was wondering where my toothbrush and steak knife went. . .

  2. Ick.
    Around our house, that is a job for Superman. I make him promise NOT to tell me what he dredges up from the pipes.

    I hope your drain works better now.

  3. Productivity is measured not necessarily in volume but in quality.

  4. I lived with four girlz for two yearz and all sorts of shiz got dropped down the drain...most often? Capz to random makeupz and creamz and shit. We eventually had to get a plumber to come to the house to clean it all out. Vomz!

  5. Sounds sort of like this text.