Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Update: Gay Camp BOSSY Edition

Good Morning, Kittens.

Someone went to Gay Camp BOSSY, and all I got was this lousy hangover.

On Saturday morning, BOSSY and Her Friend Martha picked my up at the Philadelphia train station and we went for a driving tour of some cute neighborhoods, Society Hill, south Philly, some other places … Then, we parked and had lunch at Cuba Libre … “Does this place have hamburgers or hot dogs,” asked the elderly gentleman who sat at the table next to us. I don't think they did, but they had some lovely sangria. We drank lots. Fizzy Wine-y goodness.

Then, after stopping by the frame of Ben Franklin's house, we walked to Reading Terminal Market. (Yes. It is as fabulous as Pesky Mac always said). Lots of yummy cheese. And many many cute Geek Chic boys behind the various counters. And, I have it on good authority that Dustin Hoffman was eating lunch there. Shopping done, we headed to BOSSY's SuperCute and Cozy home.

And, we drank blueberry gin and sparkling lemonade.

And, BOSSY made dinner: salad and baked polenta with vegetables.

And it was good.

And if I had a working oven, I would totally try to recreate it sometime.

We talked. We drank. BOSSY's Friend Martha joined us again as we awaited David's arrival. He finally called, saying he was close and we spilled out the front yard waving at every passing car, thinking it might be David. The last time? It totally was!

We laughed. We talked. We drank. And, wait? How did it get to be 3AM? 3:30? Wasn't it 10PM just like 30 minutes ago?

Needless to say, when I awoke (around 730), someone was Very Hungover. It may have been me. I enjoyed the cool morning air on the porch and drank lots and lots of water. Soon, the rest of the house stirred and we enjoyed coffee and croissant with jam from DUN's wedding (more on the fabulous wedding later … probably tomorrow … or the next day).

We all cleaned up and David, BOSSY, and I headed to the cute little town of Media to meet Anne-Marie in Philly for lunch. We ended up at a little Irish Pub, Sligo. I had salad, fries, and a fab-u-lous bloody mary. Nothing like a little Hair o' the Dog to help one perk up. Then, we wandered the streets of Media, discovering an antique car show in the process. Totes Awesome!

We parted ways with A-M and headed back to the house, where we drank lots of water and blobbed as only the best hungover bloggers can blob. David left around 6. BOSSY, BOSSY's Husband, and I took a quick walk around their very cute neighborhood. We ate a quick dinner and BOSSY drove me to the train station.

I can't think of a more fabulicious weekend. Thanks so much for a wonderful (but too short!) weekend, BOSSY, BOSSY's Husband, BOSSY's Son, BOSSY's Daughter, Stella, BOSSY's Friend Martha, David, and Anne-Marie.

When are we going to do it again? I'll bring the blueberry gin!

Stay tuned for a link to photos (They are uploading to Flickr now).

Have a Great Day! *smooches*

PS. VUBOQ forgot to mention that BOSSY's Daughter made a Welcome Sign for us! With balloons! AND CUPCAKES! VUBOQ seriously considered stuffing BOSSY's Daughter into his bag and taking her home with him (except he doesn't have a working oven, so what's the point of having a personal Cupcake Baker?).


  1. Bossy misses you already. Come back, come back!

  2. Cute!! Found you on Bossy. I can't believe you got salad when you were hungover. At least you got fries.

  3. anne marie in philly12:54 PM

    "When are we going to do it again? I'll bring the blueberry gin!"

    damn straight you BETTER bring the gin! and next time we make it a 3 or 4 day weekend with mucho drinko!

    great to see you again, darlin!

    PS - word is "plized" (pronounced pliz-zed); could that be how you felt sunday morning? hee hee!

  4. What I want to know is when VUBOQ is coming to Maine.

  5. Awww, Bossy took my comment. But I miss you times infinite! one.