Friday, July 24, 2009

Even a Less Than Perfect Day Can Still Be a Perfect Day

Good Morning, Kittens!

I have a bit of a Rant Post gurgling within mah belleh, but it still needs to percolate for a bit. Until then, you must make do with the tale of my Thursday.

The plan was to meet Ray for lunch and then spend a lovely afternoon at the Zoo. In Vutopia, the weather would have been sunny and warm with a lovely breeze ... not Land of the Torrential (and Ill-Timed) Downpour.

So, I met Ray for lunch at Open City Diner in Woodley Park. It was quite nice (except for a minor service snafu). As we were finishing up, it started to sprinkle. Ray stopped to buy an umbrella at CVS, and, by the time we got to the zoo (he had an appointment near the zoo entrance), the rain was falling steadily ... but not steadily enough to deter my desire to See the Flamingos! Oh, how I love the flamingos. Back when I lived in the neighborhood, I used to get drunk on margaritas and wander to the zoo to watch the flamingos be all goofy and flamingo-y.

It's been awhile since I've been to the zoo. And, like, WTF, it's been re-arranged. No longer does the first right lead to the Bird Area. The first right leads to Sloth Bears (love!) and Fishing Kittehs (lovelove!) and Pandas (eh. meh.). THEN, another right and across a bridge and we're in BirdLandia! Except, as I was crossing the bridge, Torrential Downpour Numero Uno happened. Soggy shoes. Wet pant. Not fun. I found shelter. Eventually, the rain let up. I saw my flamingos:

zooday 015

As the sun turned the rain into a lovely steamy sauna (without the fun), I left the zoo and met up with Ray again. We (OK, I) had drinks at Urbana in Dupont Circle. We chatted. Ray worked. Eventually, Ray had to go home and I arranged to meet Mike (Who Makes Cake) for dinner. I sat in the Circle taking random photos and reading. We met up and started walking to his place.

Hello, Torrential Downpour Numero Two-o.

Not quite dried soggy shoes became soggier. Pants got wetter. Ugh. We ran into the Whole Foods on P St to pick up a few things, and -luckily- caught a bus the rest of the way to Mike's house. He loaned me some shorts. I threw my pants and sock into the dryer. We (OK, he) cooked. We talked. We (OK, I) drank.

And, around 9PM, I started the journey home.* Once in Silver Spring, as I was walking home from the metro station, Hello, Torrential Downpour Numero Three-o. OMG.

Today, I was destined to be rained on until water squished out of all my extremities. UGH.

BUT, I'm home now. And I'm dry. And, srsly, I had a fabulous day with my friends. Most of the photos are on flickr.


*On the Metro ride home, I actually laughed aloud (not out loud. how gauche!) while reading a book, a book which other people might not find funny. It's called The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature. The funny part (to me at least) began with a study of attractiveness and zebra finches. A scientist discovered that placing different colored bands on the finches increased (or decreased) their attractiveness. On males, red rings = attractive. Green rings = unattractive. And the author continued, "It was not just the rings. Little paper hats glued to the birds' heads also altered their attractiveness." Imagine! *snort*


  1. the center flamingo, the one with his head turned, seems to be saying (in a Paul Lynde voice, no doubt), "Who let these ducks in here?"

    who knew finches are so into fashions?

    my word verification says "ovencyn." is that a cooking no-no?

  2. I'd love to know what train of thought ended in "and then we'll glue little paper hats to their heads!"
    (Ooh, lookitme, I read the footnotes!)

  3. You mean flamingos come in something other than plastic?

  4. anne marie in philly2:31 PM

    (snort) too funny!

    not the part about you being all wet, of course...or you can say the old groucho marx line "pardon me while I slip out of these wet clothes and into a dry martini"!

    have a boozy fun weekend!

  5. I wonder what a teeny little lampshade on its head would do for a finch's social life?

  6. I personally look TERRIFIC in little paper hats. No glue required.

  7. You made it throoooooough the raaaaaain, you made it throoooooooguh!

  8. I saw some flamingos when I was in Mexico. It was pretty great seeing them all fly together. A big pink mass, moving through the air....

  9. Zebra finches in party hats! That sounds so cute! But, seriously, now I'm wondering about the colored rings and bird banding. Could the color of the bands they put on birds' legs destine the poor things for lives of loneliness?