Friday, July 31, 2009


Good morning, Kittens.

This is it. One year ago today was my last day of work. Had I realized at the time that I would still be unemployed one year later, I certainly would have approached things differently. For example, I would have taken up Montgomery County on their Unemployment Compensation Option to spend 6 months developing my own business in lieu of (the obviously pointless) applying for jobs. Perhaps, Pottery Bar/Infusions would be a Silver Spring reality right about now ...

Anyway, I have applied to over 100 jobs this year and have had only six(!) interviews. From this, I can only draw one conclusion:

I am unqualified for the jobs I want to do.

(Either that or the Powers That Be in HR think I am unqualified ... and in the end, that's about the same thing).

It sucks being unemployable. Srsly.

I'm sure you are wondering how I will be spending my First Unemploymentiversary (and, since you didn't ask the Traditional Gift is GIN; the Modern Gift is CASH).

First, I am heading over to CNTBD's lovely home for a fun boozy lunch.
Then, I think I will venture forth into the District for a little Retail Therapy. Spending money you don't have is *so* 2009.
Finally, I will be drinking myself into a stupor with my friends, possibly at Nellie's. If you're in the DC/Metro Area and want to join with, keep an eye on Twitter for updates.

Have a great day.


  1. I think you should go stand on the corner in your unemploymentiversary suit and collect those modern cash gifts.

  2. anne marie in philly8:49 AM

    it sucks; age discrimination is rampant; could any of the so-called "employers" found out about this blog?

    were I in the area, I would bring you some bluecoat gin to drown your pain.


  3. yeah, unemployability sucks rocks.

  4. I am really sorry about this. I didn't know it had been a full year.

  5. My three year unemploymentiversary will be coming up September 1 (no, I don't need gin, but thanks for asking!)... 3 years. Gah. It's a good thing that I knew from the start that the Ph.D. was just going to be wall candy - if I had counted on it to keep me employed, I'd be rather depressed at this point. Have a few drinks for me. And PLEASE take some drunken pictures - those are always the best! ;-)

  6. Your constant drinking is wonderful and makez me feel less alone in the world! Bien graciaz!

  7. My condolences, VUBOQ. I really hope something fabulous comes your way soon.

  8. I'm so sorry. Big hug. This sucks.

  9. rn terri7:50 PM

    Cheers to your unemploymentversary, will keep fingers crossed for some fabulous opportunities for you in the near future!!! Smooches!

  10. Oh, my. Has it been a year already? Hope your Big Break! comes soon. (Sorry, it's probably not called a Big Break!, but I only know early twentieth century aspiring stage and/or film star jargon.)

    I would totally go to Pottery Bar/Infusions. I mean,like, if it were here. And, you know, I could afford it and stuff.