Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm a Winner

Good Morning, Kittens.

Sometimes, it pays to have good relations with your neighbors, because you never know when they might show up at your door with something like this:

Why, yes, that is a handle of vodka and an award certificate which states:

Project HostGay Award
This certificate is awarded to
Stevie Martini
the 2009 winner of the "take this crap and make an awesome farewell party" challenge. Although the guest of honor's prize did not reflect an understanding of the event*, the award committee recognizes the immense effort involved
(signed) K-Factor

This is, of course, in reference to Crazy Neighbor's Going Away Party, which you can read about here. To thank me for hosting her going away party, Crazy Neighbor gave me this:

Why, yes, that is a wooden Christmas tree ornament which she probably found while cleaning out her apartment to move. I was so touched.

So, anyway, last night, I started watching Season 2 of Mad Men on DVD. OMG. So good! In Episode 1, I realized that Don Draper was drinking out of Libby Golden Foliage glassware, which I also use sometimes! AND, in Episode 2, one of the songs playing in the background was a song my friends and I used to sing in karaoke all the time when I lived in Japan. This is it:

You may recognize the tune, because a group (I can't remember which one) in the mid-90s recorded an English version which was quite popular.

Now, I'm waiting for SCGB to drop off Disc 2 (Episodes 4-6, I guess). Why doesn't he HURRY?!?!?!

Have a wonderful day! *smooches*


  1. anne marie in philly10:46 AM

    a taste of honey (the "boogie ooogie ooogie" girls) did the english version.

    "stevie martini"...LOL...reminds me of tila tequila...NOT!

    you deserve an award just for being Y-O-U!

    PS - word is "numenian" - where is THAT country? LOL

  2. So, are you saying that Mad Men is really about VUBOQ?

  3. anne marie in philly: Actually, Taste of Honey's version was in 1980 (too early). The cover I was thinking of was by 4PM (an R&B group from Baltimore) in 1995: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCCB2dixm4c

    GayProf Isn't everything really about VUBOQ?

  4. anne marie in philly4:21 PM

    never heard of the second group...just goes to show ya I am older and wiser (cheshire cat grin)...but I will watch the yousetubes clip...

    all minions bow down in VUBOQ's honor!

  5. rn terri7:19 PM

    I know the version anne marie mentioned. And you DO deserve an award!

  6. Awards, Vodka, Mad Men, Japanese Karaoke!!! FTW! One step away from panties in the purse and regrets in the morning....

  7. Or is that just me????

  8. "Why, yes, that is a wooden Christmas tree ornament which she probably found while cleaning out her apartment to move. I was so touched."

    That exert made me lurve you. BTW

    Verification Word: "tantin" (yumz!)