Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Update: Sofa Edition

Good Morning, Kittens.

I am certainly glad I have a comfy sofa, because I don't think I left it for most of the weekend.

Friday, my trip to the pottery studio was rather successful. I made two mini-casserole dishes. And placed the mug trio on the shelf to be bisque-fired. See:

Mug Trio

Then, I came home and made black bean chili. I watched the first two episodes of Brideshead Revisited. Young Jeremy Irons. Yum.

Saturday, there was lots of sofa-blobbing. I watched a few more BR episodes. I started some red shiso-infused vodka (which, btw, ended up a total FAIL). Then, the neighbors gathered at Tomokito's for wine, cheese, and Sex and the City Movie on DVD.

Tomokito called earlier, saying she was going to the store. I asked her to stop by the likker store to pick up a bottle of wine for me. Only later did I realize that I had asked a 5 months pregnant woman to buy wine. I laughed for a good five minutes over the mental picture of her walking around the shop, wine in hand.

Sunday, there was more sofa surfing. Then, I helped DUN move more of her stuff out of the apartment. She's relocating to NJ to be with her boyfriend. Fortunately, SCGB is still around and he has a SuperCuteNew(Unfortunately Straight)Roommate [SCNR?], who moved in yesterday evening.

In the afternoon, I started feeling queasy, so I took a nap. On the sofa. Then, I watched the final three episodes of BR. I have to say the ending was a bit disappointing. Alas.

And that was my weekend. I don't think I left the house more than a few times. Yay!

Today, I need to send out a few job applications. And I have pottery class this evening. Guess that's about it.

More later. *smooches*


  1. Those mugs are beautiful!! :o)

  2. Marve4:50 PM

    Wait, red shiso in vodka? When you say "fail" is that because the color didn't take or because it tasted funny?

  3. anne marie in philly5:08 PM

    dude, you are a pottery master!

  4. What's wrong with the handles? They look perfect from where I'm sitting.