Saturday, September 20, 2008

Coffee for One

Good Morning, Kittens.

Old habits die hard, y'know? For the past couple of weeks, I've been wondering why I have had so much coffee leftover (and, thus, a freezer full of coffee ice cubes. What? No one else freezes their leftover coffee?). Then, it hit me: For over a year, I've been making coffee for two. 8-10 cups (b/c one cup is really only about half a mug). Every time. This morning, I caught myself as I was scooping out the beans.

"Only make coffee for one," I said to no one in particular. And it felt a little sad.

Yesterday, the interview went well. 2.5 hours well. In fact, my friend who works there called to apologize about the length. Seriously, by the time I left (at a little after 3:30), I was a little woozy and a lot headachy from hunger. I came home, scarfed down some two-bite cupcakes, and made a martini with the last of my gin. ACK! No more gin! So. Sad.

Guess who's off to the likker store today?

Anyway, I made dinner and watched the entire season of So NoTORIous ... which, if you haven't watched, you really should. Self-deprecating humor at its best, IMHO. And the guys are cute.

I knitted a ribbed scarf using the wool I bought in NC last Christmas. But, it's too short. So, now, I can't decide if I should just knit a narrower ribbed scarf or do something else. *sigh*

Plans for today: likker store, knit, DVDs, and write thank you for the interview letters (no idea how I'm going to print them out, since I don't have a printer. hopefully, i can sweet talk a neighbor into doing it for me).

Oh, the date guy doesn't seem all that interested in going out again. whatevs.

Have a happy Saturday. I hope it's as beautiful there as it is here!


  1. So if 8-10 cups of coffee = 4-5 mugs, then what does a 2-bite cupcake equal?

    If I were doing coffee for one (*hugs*), I'd be sure to freeze the leftovers. I would really, really, really love frozen coffee cubes, but there's just no way. The very second one cubic inch of freezer space opens up, Bucko rushes off to the store to find something to put in it. The man's a hoarder.

  2. Well, congratulations on a nice long interview. I hope good things come of it.

  3. It's the little things that make you miss someone, even if they really really needed to go.

  4. Are you going sober for October again? Or is it my turn this year?

  5. The thing about making coffee, I've found, is that when I'm doing it, I haven't had my coffee yet. So my brain isn't functioning more than at basic sustaining capacity. Coffee makers should be very simple to operate for that very reason.

  6. You need one of those single-mug coffee makers-- I have one at work to keep myself from drinking massive amounts of coffee during the day.