Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Good Morning, Kittens.

Pull up a chair. We need to dish. Because, OMG, I have so much to do ... and what am I doing? Blogging. Surfing the 'netz. Someone smack me with the Motivation Stick, plz.

I have a handful of good news: (1) I have a second interview on Friday and (2) I have a lunch date today.

The interview is with the organization which phone interviewed me last week. Huzzah. They love me! Of course, how could they not? The bad news is that they need a recent (within a year) writing sample. Guess who doesn't have a recent (within a year) writing sample?

Everything I've written recently was either for work (and proprietary) or something I would not want a future employer to read (unless maybe that employer wants to read about teh buttsecks). A friend told me that the EPA published an Announced Notice of Proposed Ruling (ANPR) on greenhouse gases yesterday. I need to find that (which won't be hard), read it (which may be hard), and write something about it (which will be hard) ... by tomorrow. Gah.

I also need to:

-do laundry
-prep for the interview (I am almost 100% certain I have a suit ... somewhere)
-apply to two more jobs this week
-go over the proposed co-op budget, since we're meeting with the management company tonight.

Not to mention (even though I already did) that I have a Lunch Date. Today. With a guy. Who seems nice. And smart. I'm not even sure I'm ready to start dating again. It's not very often that I get asked to lunch with a guy who seems nice and smart. I figured "what the hell. just do it." So, I'm doing it. But, I can say with almost 100% surety that we won't do *it*. VUBOQ has learned that doing *it* with a guy on the first date usually turns out bad ... unless he doesn't want a 2nd date ;-)

OK. I have to motivate.

More later. *smooches*


  1. Hey, I'm not gay and have been married for 32 years to the same guy, so I'm obviously a RICH source of dating tips for you. But based on lots of observation, I think getting to know him and see if you like him as a person and not just a (bed) partner is the way to go. Sex sure muddies the waters in the whole thinking area. But again, note my credentials for giving advice.

    Have fun, hope he's a good guy!

  2. P.S.
    May I borrow the Motivation Stick?? I need a big whupping.

  3. Well, good luck on both fronts! I don't know which is scarier, the interview or the date. Vodka in a water bottle might be helpful for both.

    I recently found your blog through a hilarious comment you left somewhere else, and I keep coming back because I really like being addressed as "kitten". Meow.

  4. As an employer (not really, I just like to sit in on interviews) I would love to read a piece on teh buttsecks. Maybe just because I'm pervy.

    I agree with the vodka in the water bottle. I've found it helpful in most difficult life situations.

    I posted a link to you on my blog because you make me purrrrrr :)

    Why can't I quit you?

  5. Marve2:26 PM

    I, too, have a "no swyvving on the first date rule". Second date is negotiable. :p

    Good luck on both items!

  6. If, however, after an extended courtship with someone you find nice and interesting, you finally become intimate with them and discover that they are possibly the worst lay you've had in your adult life, you might chide yourself for not finding this out sooner.

    Speaking hypothetically, of course.

  7. anne marie in philly8:54 PM

    I haven't dated in 16 years.

    BUT if I did begin dating again, I respect myself so much that I do not do "it" on the first date; I would also hope that the gentleman not only respects me, but respects himself.

    if a guy wants "it" on the first date, he needs to get a ho. cause that AIN'T me!

    and neither are you a ho, VUBOQ!