Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Update: Cake Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

Hope you are all happy to back at the Cube Farm churning out widgets and excel spreadsheets while slowly recovering from a booze-filled partyfest weekend.

My weekend was pretty good. On Saturday evening, I headed over to Mike's house for a small birthday gathering. Mike made cake. Huzzah. It was fun. I have a picture or two, but my camera batteries are recharging, so you'll just have to wait. A weird thing happened on the way to his house, though. My throat started closing up and I was having some difficulty swallowing. It bothered me for most of the time I was at his house. By the time I left, it felt better.

Sunday, I did lots of blobbing around the house. I blobbed on the sofa. I blobbed on the bed. I blobbed on the sofa some more. I knitted. I watched DVDs. I somehow managed to drink an entire bottle of Prosecco on my own. I had my own little Depressing Foreign Filmfest. Then, I went to bed.

Fun times.

This afternoon, I'm heading into the District. My friend (and former classmate), Barbara, is in town. I'm meeting her for lunch and possibly some late afternoon shopping.

I must start getting ready to go. Have a great day!


  1. the throat thing is anxiety anxiety anxeity (i know it first hand). take a deep breath when it happens.

  2. mmmm cake...

    maybe that's what i'll do with my second monday of unemployment!