Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Weekend Update: Holy Cow Edition!

Good morning, kittens.

What a weekend, huh?
I don't think I can take another weekend like this one ... (for details, you'll just have to scroll down to previous posts, because I'm too lazy to provide links right now).

Yesterday, I met Steveandbobby for lunch in DC. We went to Luna Cafe. I had a breakfast burrito. It was yummy. Then, they drove me home. (yay!)

Later, we had a co-op Ice Cream Social to thank all the people who helped with yardwork this summer. Fun. Good turn out. Total Sugar Overload.

During the Social, Y called. He left NYC later than planned (big. surprise) and wouldn't be getting back until after 9. Did I want him to stop by or should he go home?

"What do you want to do," I asked.
"Whatever you want," he said.
"Just go home," I replied. "Maybe I'll see you tomorrow."

But, now, it's tomorrow, and I really don't want to see him.

Anyway, after the ice cream social, a couple of us ordered pizza (to counteract all the sugarygoodness consumed earlier). After they left, I goofed around on the computer a bit.

I felt myself starting to get a little panicky and creeped out, so I went to bed.

Today, I have to do some job-hunting.

I also need to go to the bank to figure out why my checking account was accessed a $6 "maintenance fee" when it's supposed to be a free checking account. I tried calling the toll free number, but got frustrated. The automated system didn't understand my Faye, the 65-year-old, chain-smoking Time-Life Operator voice, and every time I asked to speak to an associate, the system would hang up on me. GAH.

Oh. Joy. Oh. Rapture.


  1. OMG! I just caught up with what has happened to you. That is horrible. I would be scared for weeks.

    I hope that you are doing okay.

  2. Apparently if you swear at those machines they put you through to a real person right away.

  3. anne marie in philly7:42 PM

    more {{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}} for sad VUBOQ.

  4. Anonymous7:49 PM

    just an idea - been thinking of you and just saying that teachers are always needed....................
    no comments on the relationship because I don't know you or Y enough but a little piece of wisdom since I am rapidly approaching crazy old cat lady status: if it isn't making you feel good about yourself and you have that little nagging pain, then, it is not worth it....and by it I mean the fear of being a-l-o-n-e. Just remember, you are never, never, ever, alone as long as you have friends. And you do.

  5. VUBOQ needs a change of scenery. I heard my couch has a nice view. And gin.

    xoxo, SG

  6. I'm thinking about you, VUBOQ. I hope Wednesday is better than Tuesday is better than Monday. I'm glad you had a fun ice cream social. It sounds like a great way to end the summer.

    Good luck with those job applications.