Monday, September 15, 2008

The Office, It Is Open

Good Afternoon, Kittens.

I'm taking a break from updating my resume (does anyone know how to put those little doohickies about the e's?). This morning, I downloaded the Open Office Suite, because (a) I don't have the money to purchase the rights to MS Office (and my trial subscription has expired) and (b) a friend said that Open Office and MS Office are compatible.

Au. Contraire. Mon. Frere.

My MS Word resume (just imagine the doohickies above the e's) opened fine in Open Office. I made major changes to the format/content and resaved as an MS Word doc. Then, when I went to open it in MS Word, the formatting was forked. GAH! Not majorly forked, mind you, but forked just enough to annoy me and to make the resume look not-so-pretty anymore.

*le sigh*

Another friend has suggested resaving it in rtf or html first. I will try that later. Now, I'm too annoyed to think about it. Instead, let's think about pottery class.

Yay! Pottery Class! It starts tonight at 7:45. The goal for this session is to make a teapot (or two). Before class I have to stop by Y's to pick up some unglazed pottery from last session. That will be fun, I'm sure.

And, finally, a question:

On Friday, I received a phone call from an organization about an interview (hurray!). However, I missed the call and didn't get the message until Saturday (stupid wacky cellphone). The job is located in Herndon, VA.

Now, when I applied for the job, I had no idea where Herndon was located. After listening to the message on Saturday, I googled the company, looked up the address, and -HOLY WTFork- it is *so* not metro accessible. And by "not metro accessible" I mean "a two-hour trip: red line to orange line to a bus to another bus."

So, here's the thing: Do I call the guy back, thanking him for his interest, but explaining that I won't be able to go for an interview because it's so forking far away? Or, do I call back, listen to his spiel, hope the salary is high enough, take the job, buy a car, and DRIVE everyday, in traffic for 1.5 hours ... both ways?

OR, do I just not bother calling back?

What would you do? What would Jesus do?


  1. Ick. Silver Spring to Herndon? It'd have to be a BIG salary. Unless you move, but then you'd still need a car.

    I've been reading a while, just now delurking.

  2. I've been in that situation, since most of the engineering jobs around here are out in Herndon or Reston (somehow I lucked out and found one in DC). I believe it's usually worth going to the interview, to further practice your interviewing skills if nothing else. And you never know-- they may be opening up a new office in a better location, or maybe they let people work from home a few times a week. You aren't committing to anything by going to an interview, so you might as well.

  3. i would call back, and say "my availability has changed, thanks but no thanks"...and then go to pottery class. my new class starts tonight too! we are making kitchen accessories..
    jesus would walk. and spread the word of VUBOQ across the land. :)

  4. Go to the interview and make it last on your list.
    for the E doohickeys, you hold the ALT key and type 0233. (I swear.) ééé. I *think* that if you do it that way they will convert between platforms, but I wouldn't swear to it.
    Or, if you prefer, you can find the Character Map (usually under Accessories/System Tools on the start menu) and find whatever character you want, and paste it in.

  5. carlnepa@yahoo.com4:51 PM

    A car is a HUGE expense. First the outlay of money, the maintenance, INSURANCE - that's a killer - gas. Would the new job pay additional:
    Car Loan - $5,000/yr
    Maintenance - $1,000/yr
    Car Insurance - $1,000/yr
    Gas - $3,000/yr
    Parking/Tolls - ?

    Say you pay total taxes of (local, or whatever it is, federal) of'd need an additional $15,000 of income to cover the taxes and pay for car and all expenses so that you might break even.

    That's also a long way to go for an interview for a job you'd have to be pretty desperate to take. Unless you'd consider moving closer.

  6. VUBOQ, I live in Herndon! You are right, NOT Metro accessible. My hubby worked in downtown DC for years. He drove his car to the park and ride, took the bus to the Metro, and took Metro into DC. Very big commute.
    Good luck whatever you decide!

  7. Eesh! Too far to commute, too close to justify a move -- and probably not high enough in pay to justify the expense of a car. Even a pain to get there for the interview.

    Meanwhile, Yea pottery class!

  8. anne marie in philly6:50 PM

    ewwwwww!! not worth the hassle!

    I hope you were able to get out of y's place without a scene.

    enjoy your pottery class, and I hope to see pix soon!

  9. Actually, Jesus would say "La sigh."

  10. Oh. Ha! I used Open Office for my resumé, but didn't think to wonder how it would look in FerReal Word. Probably like crap. Oh, well. I keep thinking I need to update it since it's two years old now, but since I've decided to be a drag on society, I guess I don't really care that much anyway.

    Jesus would take loaves and turn them into doohickies above e's.

  11. I only know how to do the accent aigu (as opposed to the accent agrave) in Microsoft Word which is that you highlight the "e", then click on "insert" then "symbol" and scroll down to find the appropriate character. But once you have it in one place in your document, you can copy and paste is any where you want, including a comment on a post.

    Violà: resumé

  12. It's entirely too far for you so don't do it. However, if you WERE to do it, I would like to point out that one of the perks is that you'd be close enough to me for us to have lunch together. :D


  13. ShallowGal's Uncle Herman always said "Never pass up an interview. You never know who else they might know."

    Jesus would totally interview for the extra practice.

    xoxo, SG

  14. Yes, Herndon is very not close to Silver Spring.

    More importantly, I cannot believe that you are considering not calling the guy back!?!?! Besides all the previous points about interview practice and possible connections, returning a call to someone that you contacted about a job is a basic courtesy! Not to get all Ms. Manners-Prissy-Pants on you, but I will anyway, so many basic courtesies are departing from the job hunt (resumes that are never acknowledged, etc) please do not participate in this trend! Even if you decide you are not interested in position please give them 90 seconds to let them know that you are no longer interested.

    A little civility can go a long way and every karma point counts!