Monday, September 08, 2008

Hello, My Name Is Huge Waste of Time

Good afternoon, kittens.

VUBOQ has had a day. I attended the first day of a required two-day "Coping with Unemployment" Early Intervention Seminar. AND, ZOMGzZ!, wtFork? I hate things like that.

First, blah blah blah blah blah.
Second, the room was FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEZING. I had to go to Target to buy a jacket during lunch break.
Third, blah blah blah. Blah. Blah.

I kept waiting for the presenters to get to a point, or to do something that was useful, or to even answer questions that people were asking ... but that never happened.

To entertain myself, I began to write suggestions for improvement on my notepad. I think they could cut out about half the boring blather and make it a one-day seminar.

On the plus side, they are going to critique our resumes. I'm not sure how beneficial it will be because during the presentation, the guy gave useful resume tidbits like "No one put 'References Available on Request' or 'Computer Literate' on their resumes anymore."

Um? No kidding?

And, here's something you may not have known: Tailor your resume for each individual position to which you apply!

Ground. Breaking.

I hope I will get more out of tomorrow's session. *crosses fingers*

And, how was your day?

PS. The Straight Guy has updated!


  1. You're not supposed to put "References Available Upon Request" on your resume anymore? Really? When did this happen? What are you supposed to do instead?

  2. Did anyone EVER put "computer literate" on a resume? Isn't it cooler to say HOW you're computer literate?
    If they made it a one-day seminar, they'd have to lay off half their teachers, and then they'd be TAKING the class instead of giving it.

  3. Honey, I seriously doubt it's going to get any better tomorrow. Not unless something happens involving a call to 911.

    Maybe you should apply for the job of organizing these seminars. I'm sure you'd do it better. Which may be why they won't hire you. Why do you want to work for the government??

  4. Ow! That sounds excruciating!

  5. And this is required because.....? Certainly not to get the payout from unemployment insurance you already paid for?

  6. Maybe it should be "Taylor your resume" instead. *cackle*