Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Scooby Snacks!

Good Evening, Kittens!

Everyone finished with your workday? Hope it was productive and that the Man didn't get you down. Never let the Man get you down, kittens. You are too good for that! Srsly ...

I realized a few minutes ago that I hadn't posted today, and I know that a day without a VUBOQ post is like a day without sunshine ... so let the sun shine in ... here are my not entirely random thoughts for Tuesday.

First, I learned in Day 2 of the Most Useless Seminar Ever that not every unemployed person in MoCo has to take it. Rather, it's a random draw, like jury duty ... only more tedious.

I had been making notes throughout the two days, because I *knew* we'd get to do an evaluation! YAY! After rating the instructors very highly (they were actually very good) and saying that in general I would be taking "very little" out of the sessions. I got to the good stuff: the Comments section! Huzzah!

These were my comments:

1. I felt that time was used ineffieciently, and that if the time were used better, the seminar could probably be a 1 day 8-hr session, rather than 2 6-hr sessions.

2. Although the presenters did an excellent job, there should have been more group/pair work. I think most of the people in the seminar know the information being presented. What we would benefit from is practice using it. Resume critiques were good. Practice interviews would have been great. One of the excuses given for this was that there wasn't enough time (see above time management issue).

3. Presentations were geared towards auditory learners, not visual and tactile-kinetic (those who learn from doing) learners . This should be improved upon.

I forgot to mention that sometimes poor facilitation on the part of the instructors led to the discussion being carried off on (nearly) unrelated topics.

la la la.

ANYWAY, I have a bit of a mystery on my hands. Yesterday, I received a book in the mail, The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai. There was no indication who it was from, other than it came from a bookstore in Maine. I checked with one Maine resident, and he said it wasn't from him.

So, I'm all like *hmmm* and *errrr* and *head-scratching thinkiness* ... If anyone would like to 'fess up, please email me or comment. Or, just know that I'm like totally thanking you. Love the book. I read the first few pages last night before bed and they are amazing. It seems like one of those books in which you want to savor every delicious word before moving on to the next one.

Lessee... in other exciting news,

I walked home from the Metro station this afternoon. Totally scary. I mean, srsly, my heart was pounding for most of the walk. I. am. such. a. wuss. Next time will be better. :-)


I have a phone interview in the morning. Yay. I must read over the job description, make a few notes, and review the organization's website again. Excitement. Fingers crossed!

Have a great night. It's Martini Time!


  1. oooo, good luck in the interview! And have a great martini tonight!

  2. anne marie in philly8:38 PM

    sending good karma your way for the interview!

    (she writes as she lifts a fuzzy navel in your direction)

    I bet the walk home WAS scary. you are NOT a wuss, just reacting to your personal space being violated. but you did it today - hooray! (claps hands like paula abdul)

    "a day without a VUBOQ post is like a day without sunshine...so let the sun shine in..." - damn straight (or gay)!

    OMFG, my word is "nxgod" - next god, perhaps...is that a reflection on VUBOQ?

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  4. Marve9:56 PM

    Ah crap! Blogger ID almost revealed my secret plans! Must go fix that. What I meant to post above:

    I don't think anyone would call you a 'wuss' for being scared. The fact that you can make yourself walk there is a good sign, and moreover the fact that you can make yourself do it even though it's still scary shows that you are very much not a wuss.

  5. Totally NOT a wuss. You can't control fear. All you can do is keep it from controlling you. And you did. I call that brave.

  6. Good luck on the interview!

  7. cheers to you - on not being afraid to continue with your life as you need to.
    and good luck with the interview - by the time i've posted this you'll probably already have got the job!
    we're rooting for you! ^__^

  8. No wussiness there, VUBOQ. Sounds more like bravery, and good mental health exercise. Congratulations.

    You should apply for the job of running the seminars, I'm telling you. VUBOQ is qualified for quite a few jobs out there. Good critique. Useful and constructive.

    Good luck with the interview this morning! Is it a job you really want? Or is it a job, and you really want a job?

    I was looking for you yesterday, you know. Because I hadn't had my daily dose of VUBOQ. I'm glad to see you successfully made it through the day yesterday. And here's a toast to making it through today!!