Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Update: Ack! BOSSY's Linked to Me Edition

Good Morning, Kittens.

I awoke this morning to discover that BOSSY (*waves to BOSSY*) has linked to me. Yay!

BUT, GAH! VUBOQ wasn't really planning to have new content today. BUT, I would hate to disappoint my regular reader (*waves to Anne-Marie in Philly*) and the one or two people who will click over ... so ... um ... lessee ...

The funnest thing that happened this weekend was on Saturday night. I went to the free simulcast of The Barber of Seville at the National Stadium (National's Stadium? Nationals' Stadium? AT&T UPS Pepsi Stadium?). It was totally awesome. And, not only because I got to hang-out with the Most Awesome ShallowGal and her Posse.

It's also because every time I hear "Barber of Seville" I think of this. It was good to hear the real thing. The opera was fun. The company was fabulous. Good times, kittens. Good times.

Sunday, I did a lot of blobbing and some knitting. After finishing two baby hats, I'm starting a hat for a Very Special Adult Person.

Y was out for most of the day with a friend. They came back around 4. I made chili-infused tequila margaritas, and, then, they drove off to New York City. Yep, you read that right. He's gone. But only for about a week. He passed his dissertation defense and is now searching for housing in NYC.

I have a week of the apartment to myself. YaYz!

In other good news, the Fall session of pottery class starts today. Photos of previously made pottery are on flickr.

Have a great day! *smooches*


  1. I hope he gets an apartment quickly.

  2. Wait a minute! Don't my dog and I count as regular readers, too?!? Just because you don't knit us things, or make pottery for us (hint, hint!), we are still faithful devotees. But do we get a wave? No! *sigh* And thus begins our Monday.

    Dr. Liz and dogs.

    PS I'm going to be in Chapel Hill on Friday through Tuesday. Wanna come rescue me from my family? (Yeah, so it's a million miles from DC... Everything on the East Coast seems like it should be within 15 minutes of everything else... *grin*)

  3. Yeah, HEY! I read you every day too! Just cuz I lurk most of the time... sheesh... ;-)
    Congrats to Y, and don't let the door hit him on his way out. XOXO

  4. anne marie in philly12:40 PM

    (waves to VUBOQ) hi sweetie!

    david and dr. mel also read your blog on a regular basis too...don't leave them out! and shallowgal and clio bluestocking and earl cootie too!

    enjoy your week of peace and quiet; hopefully when Y returns he will tell you "I am moving out tomorrow!" and you will be better off without him!

    crappy monday! (I DETEST MONDAYS!)

  5. rn terri1:30 PM

    Definitely hope he gets an apartment quickly!! I try to read you regularly as well... sniff.

  6. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Yes! I linked over from Bossy! But no need for coherent content for me. Really, you shouldn't have. Because now I want the recipe for chili-infused tequila margaritas. That sounds yum. (And it's only 10:44 in LA. Hmm.)


  7. Yup, not feeling the love either.

    But, Aaaaaaah, jealous alert! You got to hang with the uber-cool Eli! Lurve him so much.

  8. That mug you made her was mighty damn fine! You gotz da talent en you!

  9. Anonymous11:19 PM

    What are you going to make with your little eggplant? It looks delicious.