Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Fall is in the Air

Good Morning, Kittens.

Another day, another dollar. Climb outta bed and get yer lazy arses to work!

Not a whole lot happened yesterday. I did manage to apply for a job. I finished my SuperSecret Knitting Project (well, almost ... i still have to weave in the ends and block). I started another knitting project using the leftover yarn. PLUS, the yarn for the baby blanket I'm going to knit the neighbors arrived.

Later in the evening, K-Factor brought by a Mugiversary present (pictured). Yay! Booze! And, then, we went to the park to throw Frisbee. Good times. We both suck and have no aim.

Once home, I popped in a movie (which irritated He Who Was Still in His Underwear and Hadn't Showered All Day). Around 10ish, I went upstairs and Tomokito and I finished off the last of the Chocolate and Cinnamon Basil Sorbet.

Today, there is more knitting on the agenda. Plus, doing some co-op business. Plus, making a few job-related calls. Plus, catching up on the latest two episodes of Mad Men, which I got from SCGB last night. Yayz.

It's a beautiful day. Get outside and enjoy it ... on your lunch breaks.



  1. anne marie in philly9:32 AM

    "He Who Was Still in His Underwear and Hadn't Showered All Day" - EWWWWW!

    I want to know about your pants from yesterday ("why these pants?")...

    knitting and yarn pix, please...

    and yes, my fat ass is in my desk chair - but since the boss is off this week, no work (or very little) will be performed by yours truly! ;-D

    PS - word is "dingibit", as in "Y better clean up his dingibit before isabella takes it to her litter box and buries it!" LOL

  2. Bossy is two seasons behind on Mad Men so shhhhh.

  3. "Lunch break"?!? What is this of which you speak? And I am going to go enjoy the day (before I get back to packing for Nebraska....), but not in a horrible running sort of way. (Running? Ick.)

  4. How is that dissertation coming?