Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Excitement of it All

Good Morning, Kittens.

I was supposed to go for a run this morning ... but, I thought I would wait until this evening to see if the Eye Candy was any better then. What can I say? I needz motivation.

Yesterday was chock full of fun and excitement. I applied for a job or two. I vacuumed. I planted some lettuce. I walked to the Borders to "buy" (using my Borders Reward Certificates) Whitney's new album, but they either didn't have it or were sold out. So, I walked over to Adega, ordered a glass of prosecco, and watched Episode 2 of Mad Men (season 3). It was fabulous. But, I can't talk about it, because BOSSY isn't caught up.

I came home. I had a martini (yay!). Then, I started thinking about dinner. I had pasta with tomato and spinach and my Gray Pesto. It was delicious. I think the secret to stellar pesto is to add a chili pepper. Nomz.

I spent the rest of the evening knitting (see picture) and watching movies. And drinking wine.

No real plans today, yet. The weather has been so beautiful I need to do something fun though. Maybe I'll cut my fingernails.

Have a great day! *smooches*


  1. Eye candy is the key to staying on an exercise routine.

  2. rn terri12:01 PM

    Yay, me. I was able to pull up your blog at work! They must be tricking me..........

  3. anne marie in philly12:23 PM

    and perhaps after cutting fingernails it will be toilet bowl cleaning time...

    damn, the high life you lead! (jealous)