Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Odds. Ends.

Good Morning, Kittens.

It's a sunshiny, sparklefied day here in Vutopia ... even though I didn't get up early to go running like I told myself I would. Maybe I'll go later this afternoon or evening or something.

Or maybe I'll go back to bed.

Actually, the other thing I promised myself was that today would be a "Writing Day." I need to whip out some of my short stories and try to polish those turds. Fun times.

In knitting news, I'm taking a break from sock knitting, and I've started on a scarf (pictured) for Mike (who Makes Cakes). Why, yes, it does use the same yarn that I used to make Josh is Trashy's hat (good eye! you are so observant!). Chelsea sent me the yarn years ago for my birthday and I'm finally putting it to good use. I kind of like this horizonal rib thing that I have going on. And, I totally love the color.

In my previous post, Terri had some questions about sock-knitting. M. Nicodemus was kind enough to provide an answer, but does anyone else have advice/suggestions? Here's Terri's comment (in full) so that you don't have to go looking for it:
Fantastic sock! Perhaps you should be a sock model. :-) I've just learned to knit and do so very slowly. I'd love to knit socks but am worried that it will prove to be too difficult. I know you're not looking forward to doing the 2nd one so.... any words for a newbie knitter? Should I; shouldn't I? (Do you know if all knitted socks use DPNs?)

I think Goblinbox has a pattern for knitting slippers (Fuzzy Feet?) that is good for beginning sock knitters. As for me, I made lots and lots of mittens/hats on dpns before moving to the teenytiny ones used for socks. Also, Terri, if you're not on Ravelry, join it (If you are, FRIEND ME!). The people on there are SuperFriendly and have always answered any knitting questions I've had.

Finally, pottery class was fun. I keep forgetting to take photos of my pots this time. Last night, I threw two nice sized bowls. Yay.

Have a great day! *smooches*


  1. anne marie in philly11:16 AM

    nice scarf!

    alas, I cannot offer terri any help with sox cause I will NEVER knit a sock...BUT you were right on to get her to join ravelry!

    have fun with the likker today (as if you NEVER do, heh heh heh...)!

    PS - word is "dimbo"; either dumbo's younger brother, or another word for republicans (think 'dim bulbs')!

  2. Sock knitting: not hard, just need a good pattern. And no, DPNs are not necessary. You can use two of the same size circs or do Magic Loop (my personal favorite) which uses one long circular instead. I'm fairly certain Ravelry and Knitty have lots of articles on both subjects.
    Like I said before, it's not hard. You need a good pattern, and then you trust that even though it sounds completely insane, it will all work out in the end. I knit my first pair for Knitting Olympics and never looked back. I'd recommend Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns - it allows you to customize for your own yarn and gauge, without being terribly difficult.
    And ditto on Ravelry!

  3. Thanks very much M. Nicodemus, pacalaga and Vuboq for all your suggestions. I've decided to make an attempt sometime in the next few weeks. I live in PA where it's getting quite cold already and since I love socks 9 months of the year, I don't think I have much to lose!

  4. VUBOQ makes impressive scarfs. Testimony.

  5. I assume my cardigan is already in the mail for my upcoming natal day?

  6. I like that color. You should knit Josh a scarf in that same color... since I totally plan on hijacking the hat already, I'd like the matching scarf!

    David: CARDIGAN?? feat. hopping off a plane at LAX?

  7. rn terri11:09 AM

    I love your scarf color. I wish I was more of a knitter. I think I need to take a class, I have only managed one scarf......

  8. Lord you just keep producing and producing. Stories, posts, socks, pottery. Bossy will nap now and think of all your creative ventures.

  9. The Fuzzyfeet pattern is here and it's so neato I've knit it about four times!