Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh. Yeah. Oops.

Good Morning, Kittens.
Pretend this is yesterday's afternoon/evening updated post.

Sooooo ... I was busy yesterday morning, because I had an interview scheduled in the afternoon. However, it turned out to be more of a "paperwork filling out" session, rather than an actual interview. It's through a recruiter for an environmental specialist position in a law firm. The recruiter said that my resume is the best qualified that he's seen, but it really depends on how particular the firm is going to be about the qualifications they requested (I don't have some of the skills required ... in fact, I would think that Very Few People have *all* of the skill sets/experience that this firm wants).

After the interview, I met Carolyn for coffee. She works about a block away from where the intervew was.

Then, I came home, made a martini, and knat. All evening. Later, Tomokito came down for cocktails (Gayprof's Tequila Gimlets!) and we watched some of Project Runway Season 2. Then, I had fun chat and txt conversations with faraway friends :-)

Admittedly, I've been a little down. The weather is not conducive to Happy Thoughts. AND, I have been trying to arrange a night out on the town, but none of my friends seem all that interested. *sigh* So, I'll probably end up at home again tonight.

*le sigh* [Sighs in French are always more pathetic, right?]

On a more positive note, Y gave me his "approximate" two weeks notice. He's still not sure of the exact date he'll be moving out, but there is a Light at the End of the Tunnel. Huzzah.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Keep in mind Y's concept of time, where "soon" can mean "in 5 hours."

    Yes, French sighs are ever so slightly more pathetic.

  2. The law firm sounds wonderful! I will keep my fingers crossed. The weather has not been conducive here either - you'll get your groove back! hugs-

  3. I think the weather is making me sad too. I don't feel that down, but my recent poetry has been so depressing!

  4. anne marie in philly12:47 PM

    "two weeks notice" from Y could mean 2 months or 2 years or...whatever time universe Y is in.

    sorry I am so far away or we would do something tonight...knit and drink and eat most likely...

    sending good karma your way for employment soon!!!!!


  5. Well, I'd certainly go out with you and teach some cute bartender how to make us tequila gimlets.

  6. me too! I'm going out tonight for the first time in...can't actually remember. More than a year, most likely, unless you count knitting nights, but this time I'm going to an actual BAR! Wish you were here.
    Good luck with Y. I suspect there will be more sighing episodes, and possibly the necessity of removing him from your place with a crowbar.

  7. I thought you were staying in your jammies all day yesterday...?

  8. Good luck with the job. Job hunting is THE worst.

  9. rn terri10:38 AM

    Will keep my fingers crossed for the law firm job! And for Y's 2week notice to actully come to pass!

  10. Sounds like a good day all around! Good luck on the job! Remember that they write the description for their dream candidate; and they write by committtee, so they are describing 5 different people's dream candidate. Let's hope you are the most dreamy!