Friday, September 18, 2009

Is This the Little Eggplant I Carried?

Good Morning, Kittens ...

Baba ganouj (noush? noosh?)

I made it! I am so clever. Actually, my friend, Nida, is so clever. I followed a slightly modified version of a recipe she gave me. I have pictures, but dead camera batteries. Sorry.

Anyway, the (modified) recipe ...

In pan, add some olive oil and saute three cloves garlic and a chili pepper.
When soft, add peeled and diced eggplant.
Cook until soft and mushy. (Stir occasionally)
While cooking, decided to add juice from one lemon.
Once soft, transfer to blender and puree the living shit out of it.
Pour into bowl and cool in fridge.
Then, add more lemon juice (if needed), salt, and a couple spoons of tahini and yogurt (to taste).

It was delicious. Is delicious, actually ... I have baba ganouj galore.

Yesterday, I also went to pottery. Here are pictures.

What I made in class on Monday night:

Fall 09 Vase 1 and Mug 1

What I made in open studio yesterday afternoon:

Fall 09 Pitcher 1


Fall 09 Bowl 1

There you have it. Plans for today include lunch followed by Museum Day followed by dinner.

Fun times. Have a great weekend!


  1. anne marie in philly10:37 AM

    VUBOQ makes wonderful pots and bowls and bases and pitchers!

    boss isn't here at work, sooooo...screw off time!

    relaxing weekend ahead - YAYZ! with plenty of knitting and baseball and a neighbor BBQ on sunday!

    why yes, I AM feeling exclamatory today...all part of being "55 fat n fabulous"!

    PS - word is "opdomist" (grins)

  2. I like the last bowl the best.

  3. When I move out of my current house (and out of the comfort of my housemate suppling all the dishware and such) I am going to hire you to make all of my kitchen necessitiez!

  4. Eggplant, ganoush, and pots: you are a man of very many talents!

  5. That pottery looks cool! Make me a big cereal bowl for my birthday!