Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sometimes Even the Smallest Purchase Can Change the Course of History

Good Morning, Kittens.

Over the weekend, I was chatting with Mike Who Makes Cakes about ... if you can believe it ... what our super powers would be if we had them. Mike's super power, I'm sure, would have something to do with Amazing Blowjobs. And, mine? I think I should have the power to *SPARKLEFY!* everything.

Like Stormtroopers. On t-shirts.

SPARKLEFICATION! It makes the happy!

Anyway, so Very Early this morning, Y, the (temporary) roommate, returned. I don't even know what time, because I was already in bed - maybe 2 or 3. And, of course, he wanted to have teh (oral) secks.

His very presence is annoying me now. I don't like it. I need to be more positive. But, how can one be positive, when he is so focused on His Needs Only. He didn't even bother to move his suitcase -which was blocking my front door- until 4PM.

After lunch, I decided to walk downtown. He said, "Oh, well, I'll be leaving soon, too." I got back an hour or so later, after buying the SuperCute Sparklefied StormTrooper T-Shirt ($20!) at Marshalls and running into a former co-worker. He was still here.

I said, "I thought you were leaving soon." He got all offended. Started talking about how he needed to finish some stuff first and then take a shower. He picked up his laptop and went back to his room.

I took a nap. Mmmm. Nap.

When I awoke? Still here. He finally left around 6:30.

So, apparently, in Y-Speak "soon" equals "about five hours." I should be used to this. BUT, I still find it irritating. Some of us move in Real Time. Some of us use Geologic Time.

On a more positive note, pottery class was a lot of fun. There is a Very Cute Guy in the class (unfortunately he is Young and Straight). AND, last night, I made a fairly large bowl and a vase/mug/thing. Good times.

No real plans for today. Some annoying Co-op Board Issues have recently manifested and I need to start dealing with those. *ugh* AND, job stuff, of course.

Have a great day! *hugs* and *smooches*


  1. anne marie in philly9:02 AM

    oh, that shirt is mos def Y-O-U, honey! the world should have more sparkle in it; perhaps you could wave a magic wand and...POOF!

    so when the hell is Y moving to NYC? tomorrow, I hope...

  2. Maybe instead of the sparlky shirt you should have invested in an electric fence around your bedroom.

  3. The more I hear about him, the more I feel I need to spend some time with Mike.