Friday, April 30, 2010

My Life as a Farmer

Good Morning, Kittens and Happy Fucking Friday!!
During my Unfortunate Unemployment, SCGB's S (formerly known as DUN) gave me a ginormous package of lettuce seeds with the note, "If you can't find a job, maybe you could become a lettuce farmer."  Haha.  Because we all know how lucrative a career in lettuce farming would be ...
I have tried growing lettuce since then, but everytime the little suckers sprouted, some Outdoor Creature nibbled them to stubs.  Boo on Outdoor Creatures!  This year, I am trying again.  And, look, so far no nibbling!  Here's some that I am trying to grow indoors (and will eventually transplant outside ... assuming I don't kill them).  If all is successful, there will be Salad for All!  YAY!
And, the weekend ... things are still in flux.  Mike (Who Makes Cakes) mentioned something about having a barbeque.  Don't know if that is happening.  AND, the Fabulous Dr. Mel and his spousal unit will be in town for the weekend.  If all goes according to plan, we will be meeting up and having mucho funo.
That's about it for today.  Have a fun one!


  1. rn terri11:02 AM

    Your lettuce seedlings look fab. You have a great weekend, too!

  2. Hey at least it's something to add to your resume should you ever need to. Lettuce Farmer. :)


  3. Yay for lettuce farmers!

    Some Outdoor Creature* eats my sunflower seedlings whenever they come up. I can only grow them in pots.

    * I suspect the neighborhood possum. It's always the possum.