Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 2 of No Booze. Not That I'm Counting*, I Just Couldn't Think of a Better Title

Good Morning, Kittens.
I is tired.  OMG.  So. Very. Tired.
And, I could also be cranky.  We shall see how that develops.
Last night, was the first Official Night of Alcohol-Free (the Rest of) April (and Most of May).  I did actually go online so that I could upload and post my <strike>12</strike> 10 of 12 post.  Sue me. 
Some of you may be wondering about my decision to be Internet-Free in the evenings.  This is mainly because, as you probably know, the Intartubez is a Great Big Time Suck.  When I get home from work, I usually blob on the sofa, surfing teh 'netz.  This is bad.  I should be working on projects.  Reading books!  Knitting!  Remodeling my fucking kitchen! Cleaning!  Etc ...
So, we're trying to quit the Nighttime 'Net cold turkey.  We'll see how it goes.
After uploading my pix and heating up some leftovers for dinner, K-Factor and I went to pottery class.  There are only 2 more classes left this session.  Wah.  I do think I've made some pretty cool stuff.  Last night, I glazed 4 things (a plate and 3 vase/bowl/like things).  Then, I made a tall narrow-ish pitcher.  I think it would be fun as a martini pitcher.  We shall see ...
Next week, I will trim 4 things and the final week will be glazing.  Summer Session starts in June.  I'm still trying to decide if I want to take it.  I mean, I want to take it ... but, K-Factor will not be taking it (which means getting home from class will take a long time).  AND, I am sooooooooooo tired on Tuesday mornings.  I will probably suck it up and take it.  Pottery is one of the few fun things in my life (other than my friends, booze, and Mr. Fantastic ... and knitting ... and cooking ...).
Speaking of Mr. Fantastic, I am heading over there after work tonight.  He's hosting a Glee party.  Should be fun.  I've heard good things about the show.  We'll be ordering Gleezza.  And maybe having Gleeps and Salsa.  K-Factor has said she might bring Gleeupcakes.  Fun times!
Have a great day!
*OK.  I lied.  I'm totally counting.


  1. rn terri10:17 AM

    I could totally NOT do the alcohol free........ I would climb the walls, good for YOU! Post some pics of your pottery!

  2. I did the liquor free month last year. Was thinking of doing it again. Even my liver might need a bit of rest.

  3. I'm having trouble staying on the internets lately. Well, after work, I do rush online to find out what's happened in the world of U.S. politics since last I checked, but then I get so het up, I end up taking to bed with a book.