Thursday, April 08, 2010

I Totally Lied About This Post Being More Interesting

Good Morning, Kittens!

So, yeah, BOSSY? She's in Casa de VUBOQ right. this. minute. Asleep. Like a little angel (I assume, because the door to BOSSY's Guest Room is closed).

BOSSY's No Book Tour DC Meet-up was so much fun. Shallowgal was there (and she really did go to Nicaragua for Spring Break. I saw photos!)! And Lumpyhead's Mom! and some other bloggers whose links I haven't found yet ... like, Mary and Laura and Jill and Deeeeeeeeeee-ohn and Lauren (who drove all the way from Annapolis, yo!) and did I leave anyone out? Hmm .... I don't think so.

And, guess who did not take a single picture? Yeah. That would be me. Oops. My bad. But everyone else did. Go to their blogs (which I haven't linked to, so good luck!) and look at all the fun times which were had! Srsly. Fun times!

It totally made me forget my craptastic day of clusterfuckery at work. Yayz. Grrlpower and beer (and fried pickles), that's all you need to forget your woes.

Have a fantabulous day!


  1. You forgot Alden. Arwyn? Avery? Douchey?

  2. Hey there VUBOQ! This is Jill. You can find me here too: EveryoneIsDoinIt, but jeez it ain't nearly as exciting there as it is here.

    WHO ordered all the fried food? I must have eaten 1/2 of the fried pickles.

    Great meeting you! Rock on in your your youthful looking self.

  3. I'm totally changing my name to Deeeeeeee-on. I had a great time, too - I'm still freaking over the fried pickles, too.