Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Update: Short Sexy Hair Edition

Good Evening, Kittens.

I know! A Sunday Post. What up with that? Well ... other than the fact that I am in Ironing Avoidance Mode *and* that tomorrow is 12 of 12, I had a little time. So, I thought I'd type up a little update. You know how that goes.

Friday night was my "alone night" ... I ate guacamole and chips. SCGB came down for a chat. It was fun.

Saturday, I blobbed. Like, seriously, blobbed. It was AWESOME. Then, I got ready to go to my friend's Cherry Blossom Party. That was some boozy good times. The party was awesome. Jerry has some wonderful friends, like George the SuperCute, But Unfortunately Straight, Dentist. And, Mark (who as you may recall, I used to date) was there with his new beau. I will be kind (I know! SHOCKING!) and say that he seems like a very nice guy.

Of course, because Mark was going to be there, I wore extra cute jeans. Behold! Jealousy Jeans:

Haha. See what you're missing, mister?

Anyway, I seem to have over-imbibed at the party (and at Cobalt following the party). AND, as you may know, when VUBOQ has had a bit to drink, he becomes ... how shall I put this? ... brutally more honest. Yeah, I can put the V into the VUBOQ.

So, among other things, I kept telling Mr. Fantastic how cute this Brazilian guy at the party was. I also may (or may not) have said some rather mean things about a certain someone's new beau (but not to that certain someone). AND, I may (or may not) have given my Honest Assessment of the Host's Featured Cocktail.

Anyway, Party was so much fun. Cobalt was a blast. I got reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelly durnk. And, Sunday?

Not so much fun. Mr. Fantastic and I went to brunch. Omelets FTW. and then sat in Dupont Circle enjoying the sun.

I came home. And went for a run. I am thinking about doing a 10k in October. Maybe a half marathon at some point. We shall see.

Then, I ironed. 3 shirts! Yayz!

Soon, I need to make dinner.

AND, finally, I come to the Great Announcement:

Starting tomorrow, it's Alcohol-Free April (and Most of May)!

As you may remember, I usually take a month off from drinking after my Birth Month Celebrations. This year, we are starting a little late because there were so many fun activities at the beginning of April. BOSSY's (No) Book Tour. Jerry's Party. Whatever the Hell I Did Last Weekend.

SO, after the martini I'm drinking now (and maybe a beer with dinner), I will be swearing off the hooch for a little over 4 weeks. The BoozeFast will end on May 20th at the German and Maura's wedding in Florida (The German being SCGB's former roommate. Remember him? So cute).

I will have a month of living healthily. ALSO, I'm going to curtail my internet time. No internet once I get home from work (except tomorrow to post my 12 of 12). This may kill me.

But, we shall see.



  1. I understand the teetotaling - after all, you only have two kidneys - but why the Internet hiatus?

  2. Welcome aboard the wagon!

  3. Vuboq without alcohol?

    That's like peanut butter w/o jelly, Donny w/o Marie, the Internets w/o porn!

    Say it isn't so! (But congrats and good luck.)

  4. I'll go alcohol-free with you for the remainder of April.
    xoxo, Amy

  5. ... and only one liver.

    Good luck!

    Limit internet time? Argh! I should probably do that myself, though I doubt I will.

  6. ARGGHHHHHH! you cannot quit drinking until BOSSY is back home safe and sound!!! (is that a good excuse to keep drinking for 5 more weeks?)

  7. No internet and no booze? Whatever will you do with all that free time?

  8. Um I need a little more prep time for this. Otherwise I'd join that wagon. We'll see how I feel after work tonight.