Monday, April 05, 2010

Weekend Update: Zombie Jesus Edition

Good morning, Kittens!

And, on the fourth day (b/c he was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too hungover on the third day), VUBOQ rose from the dead.

He is risen. Hallelujah.

So, my weekend ...

Friday, after a very non-productive day at work, I met Mr. Fantastic at the National Portrait Gallery/American Art Museum. I love the courtyard there.

Then, we met my friends, Mike and Matt, for a delicious dinner at Jaleo (mmmm ... potatas bravas). And, after dinner, we walked down to the tidal basin for a night-time view of the cherry blossoms. Very pretty.

Once back at Mr. Fantastic's apartment, I opened a package I had shipped there: the new backplate to my nook! It's ORANGE! Luvz it. (Many thanks to Scott, who sent me the giftcard I used to purchase it)

We lounged around for a bit, and then I headed home. I had a few errands to run and I had to get ready for a crazy night out ... Eric from Baltimore was coming down to go to Town. Yayz.

Anyway, once home, my errand running plans were thrown out the window, because I received a CD of birthday party pictures from my college friend, Isa. I had to download and upload them IMMEDIATELY.

They are here. (I hope that link works ... if not, all the pix I've received so far from my birthday celebrations are here). I am still waiting on Ray's pictures and then the set will be complete.

Then, I took a disco nap. Mmm. Nap.

Next came the OMFG What Do I Wear Crisis. I decided on this (Plz to ignore the messy bedroom. kthx).

Eric from Baltimore arrived, Tomokito came down, and we journeyed into DC to meet Mr. Fantastic at the Alero on U Street for pre-Going Out margaritas. We got to the club around 10:30. SCGB met us there. Mike (Who Makes Cakes) and some of his friends joined us later. And we dancedancedanced (and drankdrankdrank) the night away.

Home at 3:00AM. *oog*

Sunday morning? Not. Pretty.

But somehow we made it to Mike's friend's Brian's house for Easter Brunch. Tasty.

Then, back to Mr. Fantastic's to pic up some of my stuff and home to Silver Spring. On my way home, I invited K-Factor, the Canadian, and SCGB down for pizza and beer.

We played Martini, a fun game which the Fabulous Michelle M. sent me for my birthday. I thought I had pictures of it, but I guess not. They must still be on my camera. Hmmm ...

Today, I am off. Huzzah. And, I'm cleaning and tidying and getting ready for a superfun and busy week.

Have a fabulous day! *smooches*


  1. And I love you most especially for the beginning of this post. Hallelujah.

  2. I LOVE IT! Like I said before, I love reading your blog because I recognize all the places you go to ;) I actually just went to Town for the first time last weekend with a group of my gays and as a straight girl, I had a fucking blast. If I ever run into you -- don't be surprised if I drunkingly insist you take a picture with me.