Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Update: Panera Blogging Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

What a dreary, gray weekend. And, to top it all off, my intartubez are not working this morning. Thus, I am having breakfast and free 'netz at the local Panera. Who has all teh funz? That would be me. Oh, yeah.

Anyway, Friday night was dull. Even though I was supposed to hang with Mike (Who Makes Cakes), my stomach was feeling all icky. So, after passing off his cake carrier and spending a few minutes scoping out teh hot guyz in Dupont Circle, I headed home ... where I blobbed on the sofa.

Saturday was Co-op Yard Work Day. We weeded and mulched and cut back bushes and had a grand ol' time. Afterwards, I went to the eye doctor. On the plus side, my prescription hasn't changed in nearly 3 years. On the minus side, I am now $175 poorer. On the plus side, I will have new contacts come this Wednesday. Yayz. I can wear sunglasses again. Huzzah.

On the way home from the eye doctor, I stopped at the Whole Foods and purchased myself a little pick-me-up (pictured). Tulips. Luv them.

That night consisted of more sofa blobbing. SCGB came down and we watched the Madonna episode of Glee on Hulu. He left. I blobbed more. Oh, and ate two bite brownies smothered in french vanilla ice cream.

Sunday, after more blobbing on the sofa (and, btw, a weekend of sofa-blobbing is not very good for a 40-year-old back. *le ow*), I walked up to Austin Grill with Tomokito. Then, we did a little shopping.

Once home, I was totes bloated, so I took a nap. Then, I went for a run. I've committed myself to running a 10K in October. I must train. Or at least pretend to train. Last night, there was more blobbing. More ice cream. More two-bite brownies. And more back pain.

Oh, and I bought a bus ticket to NYC for the weekend of May 7-10. Yayz. And, before you ask, yes, I will be staying with Y. He has an awesomely located apartment. And, yes, there will probably be teh buttsecks. These things happen. And, no, I do not plan on becoming emotionally involved with him again, but grrl's got needz (and, let's just say some of these needz have not been met over the past 3 months).

No big plans for today (my day off!). I need to go to the grocery store to buy lunch items for the week. And, I need to iron (*ugh*). And, tonight, I will go to pottery class. Hopefully, I will have some finished items and some to glaze. Otherwise, it will be a totes wasted trip.

Have a great day!

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