Friday, April 02, 2010

Casual Good Friday

Good Morning, Kittens!
It's Friday!  yayz!  Can I just say that two 5 day workweeks in a row SUCK?  Bah.  Am very looking forward to this three day weekend!  And, as I replied to my co-worker who asked, "What are you doing this weekend,"  I plan to celebrate the Death of Our Lord Jesus the Christ by drinking 'til I vomit and pass out.  On the third day, I will arise.
Tulips!  Butterflies!  Sunshine!
It's a casual Good Friday, and I'm sporting the SuperCute orange shirt the Canadian brought me from India.  Canadians are so friendly AND giving.
After work (*fingers crossed that we may get out early*), I'm heading to the National Portrait Gallery/American Art Museum.  Then, Mr. Fantastic and I are meeting Mike and Matt at Jaleo for dinner.  I have a very generous gift card from my parents to use.  Yayz.  Free dinner on the folks.  Huzzah.
Saturday, we're going clubbing!  Who's coming with?
And, finally, a little bit of a rant ... in this morning's Washington Post Express, there was an article about how Tea Partiers hate the new health care bill (blah blah blah what else is new?).  They quoted one gentleman as saying, "I grew up in the '50s.  That was a wonderful time.  Nobody was getting rich, nobody was doing everything big.  But it was 'Ozzie and Harriet' days, 'Leave It to Beaver'-type stuff."
Brilliant.  It was a wonderful time (so I hear) ... if you were white, male, straight, and (at least) middle class.  Screw women, latino/as, african-americans, gays, lesbians, poor people. Fucking clueless Tea Party people. 
And, on that note, have a fabulous weekend! 


  1. LOL on the tea party comment.

    Let me find my pearls and heels while I walk the Beav to school....

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Canadians are so friendly AND giving.

    Uh huh. We are. :-D

    I have a lovely 4 day weekend. Our government is very giving too in making a today a holiday for all and sundry and us government types get Monday off too. Woohoo. Lovin' the short weeks.

    Have a super weekend.

  3. Sometimes I think the Tea Partiers have lost their damn minds. Then, I realize that they are just showing their true colors. What color is "raving bigoted idiot," by the way?

    Yes, Jesus Christ, Lord and Saviour of the Christian world died a horrible, nasty, bloody death so that we can all eat pagan fertility symbols made out of candy! Alas, it is the closing of the Candy Season. Monday, however, we begin training for next year's Candy Season.

  4. hooray for candy pagan symbols! woohoo! and also, hooray for making things rise. I shall be visiting my man and celebrating the rising.

  5. Of course, he's saying that he'd like not to be reminded that there are actually people of color, and Jews, and Latinos, and women who want more out of life than being fucked by men like him and popping out his hellspawn. Must suck for him to live in a world where the rest of us insist on having the same pesky right to exist and live our lives as he does.

  6. I have 7-day weekends now. Not necessarily loving them. You are such a work-week wuss.

  7. Love the orange shirt. And you in it, of course.