Monday, April 12, 2010

10 of 12: My Life is So Boring Edition

Good Evening, Kittens.

Here are my 12 10 photos from today (well, from the time I got up until I got home from work ... I forgot to take pictures in pottery class) ...

My building in the Early Morning Sun ... also known as My Building After I Was Running for the Bus and Even Though the Driver Saw Me He Didn't Wait. Fucker.

12of12april2010 001

Waiting to board the Metro at Silver Spring Station.

12of12april2010 003

Changing Trains at Metro Center.

12of12april2010 007

Spending a little quality time with my Nook.

12of12april2010 009

Security barriers outside my building.

12of12april2010 010

Sometimes my job is BORING.

12of12april2010 011

And sometimes I get to spend quality time with ginormous firetube boilers.

12of12april2010 013

Ready to leave work.

12of12april2010 016

Pretty flowers on the walk home from the metro station.

12of12april2010 018

Sligo Creek in all it's wonderful green-ness.

12of12april2010 019



  1. I would have thought the photo of your feet leaving work would have had more clicking of heels ala Fred Flintstone.

    But still, fun photos! :)


  2. rn terri10:15 AM

    great photos!