Thursday, April 01, 2010

Alas Poor Blender

Good Morning, Kittens.
Aaaaaaand, another blender in the VUBOQ Household bites the dust.  You may remember that my first blender split in half after slipping from my hands and dropping all of about two inches into my (apparently very hard) sink. 
Now, my replacement blender broke whilst I was making a smoothie last night.  Let it be a warning to you all, kittens: Do not try to make a smoothie while multitasking, because you just might forget that you left a spoon in the blender.  Only to be reminded that you may have done so after you've turned the blender on, walked away, heard a strange clanking noise, saw the bottom of the blender shatter, and watched a mixture of orange juice, yogurt, kale, and spinach spray all over your kitchen.
Who knew that trying to be healthy could be so DANGEROUS?
Not much else happened yesterday, other than laundry and ironing.  Woo hoo.
Today, I'm meeting Mr. Fantastic for dinner.  Not sure where yet.
And, then, tomorrow is Friday.  Hurrah.  I am so ready for this weekend.
Have a great day!  *smooches


  1. Umm, I'm gagging a little. Orange juice and spinach. *deep breath* I think it was the blender and spoon launching a conspiracy to save the world from such combinations.

    Blenders have one use. Frozen margaritas and daquiris. Case closed. No spoons involved.

  2. Man. You are hard on blenders, darling.

  3. If my blender broke, I would probz kill myself. Smoothies are my favorite thing in the world come springtime!

  4. Oops. Man, I hate when that happens.

  5. I'm seriously blogging again. Can we be blog buddies in addition to RL buddies? LOL <3