Friday, April 09, 2010


Good Morning, Kittens and Happy Friday!
Yesterday was SuperBusy at work.  We have kicked off our monthlong celebration of Earth Day.  It's going to an exciting month of activity for sure. 
After work, I metro'ed over to Mr. Fantastic's apartment.  We had wine on the roof of his building and then he made dinner.  And, then, there was a little somethingsomething.  One of the many nice things about staying over at his place during the week is that I get to sleep an extra 45 minutes and still make it to work on time (and that includes getting a little piece of morning nookie AND having him make coffee for me while I'm in the shower).
Did I mention that he puts the coffee in a to-go cup so I can drink it on my walk to the station?
Oh, yeah.  Mr. Fantastic?  He can be fantastic.
As for my weekend, I dont have too many plans.  I might do happy hour or drinks at some point tonight with SCGB.  Saturday, my friend, Jerry, is having a party followed by dancing at Cobalt. 
I suppose on the 7th Day I will rest.
Have a Funtabulous weekend.  *smooches*


  1. It feels like love when someone you care about makes coffee for you. Tastes better, too, I think.

  2. I'm getting slightly afraid you are getting spoiled and will soon become unbearably smug. Sigh. I'm wildly jealous as well.

  3. LOL @ Tam's comment. I will be downtown this weekend with my gays, maybe I will run into you at Cobalt.

  4. vuboq? Deserves the BEST!!!! Looks like he is finally getting it too shah!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!! Hug fabulous for me, because I am guessing he has not been hugged my a redhead as hawt as this all his life.

    And when I am rich, you are both invited to the beachhouse - where we'll have wifi and "work from home" while the peons toil aimlessly....


  5. @ZEF keep an eye out for me (and watch my twitter to see if I'm there). Don't be afraid to say "hi"


  6. You deserve a great guy. Enjoy him!