Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Good Morning, Kittens.
I hope you all caught Glee last night.  It was ... um ... pretty good?  The Canadian seemed a bit disappointed, saying they were trying too hard and going for the easy laughs (or something like that).  I thought it was fine.  The Sue Sylvester "Vogue" video was probably the best part.  And, of course, tt's always fun to hang out with K-Factor and the Canadian.
Prior to the party, Mr. Fantastic and I had a little spat.  Like all superheroes, even Mr. Fantastic has a weakness. For Superman, it is kryptonite.  For Mr. Fantastic, it is his loser roommate/best friend forever. 
Last night, LR/BFF told Mr. Fantastic that he would be coming by to (I don't know) pick up some clothes?  Something.  Mr. Fantastic said that was fine and invited him to join us for our Glee festivities.
About 45 minutes before the party, Mr. Fantastic decided to lecture me on proper behavior towards LR/BFF. He was all "he pays rent, he has a right to be here" and "don't be rude to him" and blah this and blah that.
And, I was like, "Excuse me? Do you think I was not raised right?  Do you think I don't know how to treat people in their own home? You are not only insulting me by lecturing me like this, but you are also insulting my parents."
Now, I have made it clear to Mr. Fantastic that I do not like the disrespectful way LR/BFF treats him.  I have also made it clear that I have no intentions to *bestow* my friendship on LR/BFF.  He has to earn it.  And he has not (yet).
Mr. Fantastic tried to justify his little speech by saying that when we have met previously [once out to dinner with LR/BFF and his boyfriend and once in the apartment] that my body language displayed my dislike.  And all he wanted was for everyone to have a good time at the party.
To which, I replied that not only does his decision to lecture me about this show that he doesn't really know me, but also that I can not control how other people interpret my body language nor how they interpret things I say.  If people choose to be insulted or offended by how they are "reading" me, that is not my fault.  And, srsly, LR/BFF will use any opportunity to intentionally misinterpret anything he can if it can be used in a way to exert control.
Not surprisingly, LR/BFF didn't show up last night.  And a good time was had by all.
In the meantime, I am going to extract myself from the weird dynamic between Mr. Fantastic and LR/BFF.  I am Switzerland.  I predict emergency tongue surgery from having to bite it so often, and -hopefully once Mr. Fantastic isn't as financially dependent on the roommate income- things will become better.


  1. I watched Glee for the first time last night. Is it always like that? So contrived? I hated how there were always instruments and how it was all dubbed and lip synced and stuff. I thought that they would actually be singing and for some reason I thought it was a live action show. Like a school play.

    And, hello! (episode tie-in) You are in a library! Where the hell did the orchestra come from?

    So sad. I really wanted to LOVE it.

    But the funny parts were sort of funny.

    And that guy is cute, the chorus director.

    And the gym teacher/cheerleader coach? I LOVE her from way backses in the Christopher Guest movies.

    Maybe if I re-join Netflix and watch it from the beginning.

  2. Sorry to hear about LR/BFF. What a bummer.
    I loved the Hello (Lionel Richie) duet, but was underwhelmed by the "Hello Goodbye" number (and Rachel's overacting while singing).

  3. rn terri9:57 AM

    That sucks about LR/BFF disagreement. Hopefully all is better now!

  4. Gosh, Josh and I NEVER fight.

    I think Switzerland is lovely this time of year.