Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Update: Not Over Yet, But Still ... Edition

Good Afternoon, Kittens.

I know, I know ... the weekend isn't over yet, but not much has happened other than all my plans being dashed upon the Rocks of Fate. Totes gang aft agley, yo.

Friday, I had a fun happy hour with Jerry. Afterwards, I was planning to walk over to Mr. Fantastic's place; however, it started raining. I called him from the metro and he was all "I have a headache. I'm feeling nauseous. I'm going to bed." So, I went home.

I ate a little dinner and, then, went upstairs to visit SCGB and SCGB's S. She gave me a wonderful birthday present:

Picnic Placemats. She sewed them herself. So cute! So practical! Must go on picnic soon!

Saturday, I slept in (yayz!). Once up and aware, I went for a run. Then, tried to get in contact with Mr. Fantastic. He didn't get back to me for quite some time. Apparently, he's in the midst of a spur-of-the-moment family visitation crisis. Long story. Needless to say, my plans to go over in the afternoon and, then, have a movie night there with friends didn't happen. Grr.

Instead, I went shoe shopping. Hellz to the yeah!

Two pairs of cute new brown shoes for work! Luv.

Later that night, I got a serious craving for a fun beverage. So, I walked to Whole Foods, bought raspberry ginger beer and vanilla ice cream to make a float. Tasty!

Today, I've been a total sofa bum. I will eventually head into the DeeCee to do some work-related recon. THEN, if all goes well (and his relatives leave town), I will have a fun evening, night, and Monday morning with Mr. Fantastic.



  1. rn terri10:35 AM

    The shoes are fab. Hope you got to have your fun evening and a.m.!

  2. Don't like those weekends, no, not one bit. xoxoxox

  3. Great shoes. That float looks yummy.