Thursday, April 22, 2010

All Good Things ...

Good Morning, Kittens.

So, Mr. Fantastic and I broke up last night. Rather than go on about all the ways that Mr. Fantastic wasn't quite so fantastic, let's just say that VUBOQ saw this coming about 2 weeks ago (when Mr. Fantastic started acting all weird). And, although VUBOQ wanted to use dinner last night to discuss what was up, Mr. Fantastic thought it would be better to call 30 minutes before he was supposed to arrive, bail on dinner, and break up. OK.

I am surprisingly not all that upset. I guess one gets tougher as he gets older. Sort of like steak. Or something.

And, we can focus on all the positives that are coming out of it ...

Hm ...

Lessee ...

Oooh. Oooh. I know! *waves hand*

I will no longer have to pretend I like Loser Roommate/Best Friend and his equally as loser-y boyfriend. *whew* That is a total load off my mind. I already feel less stress lines appearing. Huzzah!

Also ...

I did not break the Vow of Alcohol-Free (the Rest of) April and (Most of) May. Resolve. I haz it.

Two good things out of one break-up. Not too shabby.

Have a wonderful Earth Day!


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry! At the last minute, over the phone, too. That is certainly not fantastic. What a darn shame.

  2. Aw poop. Hopefully you will soon find Mr. Perfect. Hugs.

  3. rn terri10:20 AM

    Crap. That sucks. Hugs.

  4. Tomokito11:17 AM

    Better than on post-it!

  5. At least no jointly-owned property was involved, but it's still stupid and irritating.

  6. I'm sorry. You deserve good things from people who don't have losery BFFs.

  7. I'm proud of you and your composure. Are you like me and listen to "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus on repeat whenever you are down?!

  8. That sucks. But you definitely deserve better than somebody who breaks up via phone. I'm just saying...

  9. Oh noes. Since you can't have alcohol, maybe chocolate or ice cream will help. Or both?

  10. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Sorry to read your bad news.

  11. Is a sad thing, I'm sorry.
    Is it a good thing that you had some fun and the Big Snow was a spent in that early/happy stage of a relationship?


  12. Anonymous3:37 PM

    The methodology sucked, but at least he did it. The relationship wasn't right and he made his choice. I don't know the details of your conversation, whether you got anything out of it (eg: your balls smell, you need to change your bed more often, you haven't trimmed your nosehairs in months etc). I'm sure you already know that people will say anything during the uncomfortable breakup just to have it done with and be over, so you take what was said for what it's worth.
    Now, can I say something? Maybe if you focused more on the relationship, building it, growing into each other and then slowly sliding into sleeping together and teh-butt-secks, you'd know whether you both jived. Just sayin' if you're really looking for a relationship of which sex is a part but not the whole...pun intended.

  13. I disagree with Anon that having sex somehow implies that one isn't building a serious relationship or that refraining from sex necessarily means that a relationship is more substantive. I'm not sayin', I am just sayin'.

    And Mr. Fantastic needs a new nickname. Like Mr. So-So, or Mr. Notallthat.

  14. Mr. Not-as-Fantastic-as-Formerly-Thought.

    Relationships require several different kinds of compatibility that are more or less independent of each other. If you find out about the sexual compatibility first, you either save yourself some time, or you at least have some fun on the way to the break up.

  15. Aw, VUBOQ, I'm sorry. It's clearly his loss.


  16. Sucks. I don't know him, but I do know you and you are more than fantastic.

    Love to you today and every day.

    Also, my word verification is "sandbra", which is pretty close to how you're probably feeling right now. I hope you are feeling less and less sandbra-y every day.