Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Pottery and Parties

Good Morning, Kittens.
Busy day here at the office ... big meeting, double-booked conference room, and missing projector and screen.  Fun!  I'm letting everyone else get all tense about it, whilst I play the "I'm new.  I don't know what's going on" card.  Yay me.  I do have a minor role in the meeting.  I'm giving a brief presentation (as part of a much longer presentation).
Last night at pottery was cool.  I trimmed a bowl and a vase.  Then, I threw this Platter-like Thing.
Other than that, not much is going on.  I'm trying to get everything organized for the big 40th Birthday Party: Men Are Flowers at 40.  Did you receive your evite?  Have you responded?  I'm also going out for dinner with a few friends on my actual birthday.
And, Mr. Fantastic wants to have an Oscar Party this year.
March certainly is Party Month.
Have a great day!  *smooches*


  1. Very pretty platter-like thing. What color is it going to be? No, wait. Don't tell me. I want to be surprised.

  2. That swirl on the platter is cool. I'm still trying to see if I can swing the party.

  3. I went to an Oscar party one year. We all dressed up, some guys in tuxes, the works. It was lots of fun. We had a HUGE tv to watch it on and I believe the contest of who got the most guesses right.

    I got my e-vite and can't come. Sigh. Sure you don't want to change it to June 26th?