Thursday, March 11, 2010

Less Than a Week

Good Morning, Kittens!
In less than a week, I will be forty.  Like, whoa.  Crazy.  And, already the presents are starting to pour in ... ok.  One present: These very cool Whisky Rocks from K-Factor.  Of course, the best present anyone could give me (besides saying "you don't look 40") would be a donation to Food and Friends (Click on "Donate Now" and put it in my honor so the lovely development people can keep track).  Yesterday, I put in the food order for my party.  Mac 'n' cheese!   Mini grilled cheese sandwiches!  Other exciting food items!  FUN!
Anyway, last night was chock full of excitement.  I did laundry.  AND, I made pasta salad, which was surprisingly delicious.  In addition to the usual suspects (carrots, cucumbers, olives, pine nuts, feta), I threw in a bunch of thinly sliced brussel sprouts.  Tastiness!  Then, I went up to K-Factors for a drink and some two-bite brownies.  Yumz.
Today will be pretty busy.  I have a couple of meetings at work.  Some running around to do.  Planning Earth Day activities.  And lunch with my "mentor" from my company.  I had planned to have dinner with Mr. Fantastic tonight, but I think UPS will be attempting to redeliver a shirt I ordered.  Need to be home for that.
Have a wonderful day!  *smooches*

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  1. While the food sounds good already, I assume there will be some vegetarian fare with actual vegetables in them, yes? To balance out all the carbs and cheese?

    Looking forward to it!