Thursday, March 04, 2010

How to Make a Dull Day Seem Mildly Interesting

Good morning, Kittens.
Yesterday was certainly fun and exciting.  At work, I wandered around counting Exit signs (LED?  Incandescent?  Working?  Non-working?).  About 3/4 of the way through the 1st floor, we realized there was a Better Way to do it (marking a color-coded map).  So ... guess who gets to start all over again today?   That would be me.  And, I'm not even sure if the whole Counting Exit Signs Thing is a good idea.  But, I need to get some figures in next week for projects for the next fiscal year ... and this would be an easy one.  How many signs do we need multiplied by their cost ... plus labor?  Or something else?  Hmmm.  Works iz hard.
Then, while at the Harris Teeter shopping with some colleagues, I saw one of my exes.  Actually, not one of my exes, the Original Ex - the first guy I dated in DC.  I dumped him after about 8-9 months and broke his heart (so I have been told).  He's the only ex with whom I have no contact.  And, I've seen him twice ... at the Harris Teeter.  He must work around here now or something.  *ugh*
After work, I headed home to do laundry.  On the way, I tried to download the book Scott loaned me for my nook.  It wouldn't work, saying I didn't have a default credit card.  Once home, I went on line and fixed that (even though I used to have a default credit card).  But it still wouldn't work.  I called the toll-free number.  I had to unregister, reboot and re-register the nook.  What a pain.  But at least I could get the book, which I started reading on the train this morning ... because my friggin' Washington Post is *not* being delivered like it should be.  I think the daily subscription is turning out to be more headache than it's worth.  I will be cancelling my WaPo subscription this weekend.  I can read the free Express in the mornings and catch up on other headlines during my lunch break.  And, I won't have the "Where is My Forking Paper" headaches in the morning.
So, all that was resolved whilst I was finishing up the laundry.  I made dinner.  Had a cocktail.  And called a few friends.  Then, I went to bed.  Early-ish.  Yay.
Today, my "sponsor" from my company (I prefer "mentor" but "sponsor" is the word they use ... makes it sound like I'm in AA) was coming for a visit and lunch.  However, she emailed early this morning to postpone.  Bah.  Now, I don't know what to do for lunch. Waaaaah.
After work, I'm heading over to Mr. Fantastic's.  Not sure what the plan is, although we do need to start getting organized for a little Oscar Party he wants to have on Sunday.  Of course, his roommate (and roommate's boyfriend) won't be there because, the roommate thinks I don't like him.  I have no idea how he knows this, since I have only met him once.  And he spent most of the time arguing with Mr. Fantastic (in another room).  If the roommate is so concerned about me liking him, he is not really doing anything to endear himself to me.  Whatever.  I'm pretty sure that the party will be more fun without him there (He comes across as a bit of a Drama Diva).
And, that's about it.  Have a great day!  *smooches*
PS.  Have you responded to my evite yet?  If not, why not?  I have to place the food order next week!


  1. rn terri10:32 AM

    Works iz hard.......... :-)

  2. If you throw an Oscar party, make sure you have Precious-sized refreshment aka jumbo EVERYTHING.