Sunday, March 21, 2010

Party Math

2 Captain Morgan +
4 Maker's Mark +
1 Jim Beam +
1 Red Bull Vodka +
10 Rail Drink 2 +
6 Soda/Water/Juice +
1 Maker's Mark Manhattan +
1 Maker's Mark House Gingerale +
6 Dogfish 60min +
1 Abita Purple Haze +
2 Brooklyn Lager +
1 Anchor Steam +
2 Dale's Pale Ale +
1 Mamma's Yella Pils +
1 Rodney Sav Blanc +
1 Verget Chard +
4 Basil Hayden +
4 Blanton's +
2 Knob Creek Manhattans +
2 Seagram's 7 +
3 Crown Royal +
1 Macallan 12yr +
1 Glenlivet 12 yr +
1 Rail Vodka +
1 Bombay Sapphire +
1 Tito's +
3 Tito's Martinis +
6 Stoli Black +
6 Tanqueray +
3 Grey Goose Martinis +
14 Grey Goose +
6 Stoli O +
2 Bacardi +
4 Ambhar Silver +
1 Milagro Blanco Margarita +
6 Long Island Iced Teas +
3 Cosmopolitan +
7 St Germain Cocktails +
22 Specialty Cocktails +
2 Party Food =


Thanks so much for a wonderful night, kittens. Photos to be posted at some point (since I didn't take any, I have to wait for everyone else to post them somewhere).



  1. How totally wonderful! I thought about you and the big party last night. Wish I could have been there.

  2. That is quite a list!

  3. HAH - At first Bossy thought this was a list of what YOU drank, and you know what Bossy was going to say? "You forgot those two beers at lunch."


  4. Anonymous8:36 PM

    we loved our anchor steam, homemade ginger ale with bourbon, dogfish, white wine, etc. etc. we loved the party. we love you.

    esther n joe

  5. I thought of you all night, I was at a big old birthday party for my bestie from college, and even though I love you dearly, he won my attendance (which is why I didn't request an evite invite, btw. It's not that I didn't want to be there, it's just that I knew I couldn't)

    And this is practically the first time that I've been on other people's blogs in like a week and I thought I had your email in my blackberry to send you a midnight birthday wish, but I don't, but I thought of you at midnight on your birthday and sending birthday whodoo down your way. Did you get it? I hope so!

    Love and luck and kisses and wishes to you!

  6. I was home, crapped out on the couch watching tv and playing online. But I too thought of you that night and how the party must be rockin!

    And I have absolutely no idea what the hell an " Abita Purple Haze" is, but the color alone makes me want to try one!


  7. I will own up to a Dogfish or two.

    Fabulous party. So glad I could be there.