Friday, March 19, 2010

The Busy. I Haz It.

Good Morning, Kittens.

Well, it's almost time for 40th Birthday, Part II. My big party is tomorrow night. My brother and some of his friends are arriving this afternoon. Then, several other Very Special Guests will be hitting the DC area tomorrow. So excited. This party is going to be FAB-U-LOUS! Srsly. The DJ is booked. The food is ordered. Mike (Who Makes Cakes) is diligently working on my cake (we hope!). I can't wait!

Yesterday was a day of preparation. I went to the grocery store. I did laundry. I cleaned and tidied parts of the abode. Around 3PM, SCGB and I walked up to McGinty's for beers and appetizers and to enjoy this gorgeous Spring weather. Mr. Fantastic joined us around 4.

Then, we came home. I put the champagne on ice and began making a couscous salad for dinner. After eating, we watched I.Q., the movie from the 90s about Albert Einstein's niece (Meg Ryan) and a mechanic (Tim Robbins).

Today is Mr. Fantastic's birthday. I made him a Happy Birthday Fruit Smoothie for breakfast (healthy!). Unfortunately, since I will be entertaining the brother and then having my Big Party, we won't be able to really celebrate his birthday until next week. Oh, well.

And, now, I must go clean the bathroom. Who has all the fun?

Have a happy Friday!
(and, y'know, if you still want to celebrate my birthday by making a donation to Food and Friends in my honor, you may!) *smooches*


  1. rn terri11:36 AM

    Happy belated birthday! Forty is fabulous remember, and I LOVE your tatoo!

  2. Ah, Mr Fantastic's birthday, the seventh most important day of the year! ;)

  3. A lil late, but happy birthday : ) Your party sounds fantastic!

  4. "IQ" was filmed in my hometown of Hopewell!

  5. Mr. Fantastic's birthday is two days after yours?! That's kinda sweet.