Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Update: Party Event of the Decade Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

What a weekend. I am exhausted ... and not quite ready to go back to work. On Friday, I met the brother for patio margaritas at Lauriol Plaza. Then, while he and his friends got settled in the hotel, I walked over to Mr. Fantastic's apartment for a quick nap. After the nap, I met the brother and friends at the Front Page for happy hour. I went home early (because someone needed to Look Good for Saturday's Party Event of the Decade).

Saturday morning, I did some final cleaning and shopping. Around 1:30PM, the always fabulous BOSSY arrived. We metro'ed into DC, dropped our stuff off at Mr. Fantastic's and headed to a fun little watering hole in Columbia Heights for beers and fried olives. Yes. Fried olives. Delicious.

Eventually, the wonderful David arrived and we rushed around getting ready for the party.

I am still gathering pictures from the party (I didn't take any pix), but here are a few highlights ...

P1060961The Cake (by Mike (Who Makes Cakes))

College FriendsMy two best friends from college, Lori and Isa

26854_1370278786368_1513705998_30917991_2213729_nMr. Fantastic

Blogger BuddiesMy Blogger Buddies

26854_1370277306331_1513705998_30917960_5609587_nShallowGal in da House!

26854_1370277226329_1513705998_30917958_2203188_nThe Brother

26854_1370276746317_1513705998_30917947_1921201_nMr. Fantastic and SCGB

Eventually I will have all of the pictures in the photoset labelled and will provide a link. Stay tuned. It was a superfun party. The DJ was fabulous. The food was delicious. And the company was superb. The only unfortunate thing is that I couldn't spend enough time talking to everyone there. I am looking forward to hearing everyone else's stories.

After the party ended, Mr. Fantastic, Bossy, David, and I headed back to Silver Spring. We were lucky that SCGB picked us up at the metro station. Yay! Once home, we popped a bottle of champagne, whipped out some cheese and crackers (and guacamole!) and talked and talked and talked until 3.

Sunday morning, Bossy snuck out early. The rest of us got up around 8ish. Blobbed. Ate. And headed into DC, David boarded a bus and Mr. Fantastic and I met Lori (my college friend) and Robert (Lori's friend) for brunch and some life-saving bloody marys.

After lunch, Mr. Fantastic went to get a tattoo. It took a long time, but looks great. No pictures (yet). I got back home around 6PM. Lori and Robert came over for Martini Time. I played around on Facebook and went to bed.


Have a great day! *smooches*


  1. Great pics. Looks like a fabulous time. I love your flowery shirt.

  2. Sounds marvelous!

  3. looks amazing. am jealous.

  4. Looked like a grand time! Sorry I couldn't be there.

    Hope 40 is still flowery!

  5. So FUN! VUBOQ is the host with the most!

    xoxo, A