Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Aftermath

Good Morning, Kittens.

As you may know, someone very important to us turned 40 yesterday (at precisely 12:34PM). And he had a VERY good day (with one minor exception ... which we will get to later).

After waking up and opening my gift from my parents (gift cards to Whole Foods, Target, Barnes & Nobles, and Jaleo), I donned a fabulous Marc Jacobs floral shirt and headed into DC for my appointment with the Colornatrix.

40thBirthday 005

Sufficiently reblonded, I then went to Dupont Circle to meet Mr. Fantastic. We relaxed in the sun and then went to Luna Cafe on P Street for lunch. I had a veggie burger. And two beers!

40thBirthday 010

After lunch, I got a tattoo.

40thBirthday 025

It was expensive and painful. But well worth it.

Then, I returned home, donned another (less sweaty) fabulous floral shirt and met some friends for a multi-cultural St. Patrick's Day/Birthday dinner at El Golfo.

40thBirthday 016

Good food. Margaritas. Sunshine. I couldn't have wished for a better day ...

Except for the minor issue of not getting any birthday buttsecks because of complicated drama between Mr. Fantastic and his roommate/"best friend." Let's just say that the roommate used to mistakenly think that I didn't like him. He is no longer mistaken.

Additional Pictures from the day are here



  1. Great pics. I do love your dragon. I like how you indicate "quote" best friend "quote" Hmmmm. Hope that gets cleared up quickly. Enjoy your first full day as a 40 year old.

  2. Ah Cafe Luna! It's been like ten years since I've eaten there! Good food, good times.

    And I'm not that a painful and expensive tattoo is a suitable subsitution for teh buttsechs, but hey, to each their own. :)

    Happy Day After Turning 40 Day!


  3. I'm sure you hear this a thousand times, but you do not look 40. At all. The first time you said it I thought you were joking. Then I thought you were still joking. Then I thought you were really persistent with this "ha ha I'm 40" thing.

    Now I think you might actually be 40. Which is insanely unfair because I had you pegged as 30-year-old who didn't look his age.

    I want some of your moisturizer.

    (You know what's REEEEEally unfair? You look even younger in person.)

  4. I totally love you. "He is no longer mistaken". Snort.

  5. So funny how you just passively am like "After lunch I got a tattoo." HAHAH. HAPPY BIRFDAYZ!

  6. That is one cool tattoo. And shirt. And Mr. Fantastic is all kinds of cute. I'm with Lumpyheadsmom on the moisturizer and pacalaga on the "He is no longer mistaken" love.

  7. omg, I'm QUEEN of the lunchbreak tattoo! You got a great one! Is that on your forearm? Love, love, love!

    I'm dying for another, they are so addictive. I'm going to start looking like I belong on a bowling team if I'm not careful.