Monday, August 03, 2009

Weekend Update: Unemploymentiversary Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

I hope you all had as much fun this weekend as I did.

On Friday, I headed over to CNTBD's house for lunch. He made a fabulous salad. And, somehow, we managed to drink a bottle of wine. Hm. Dessert was ice cream with mini eclairs. Delish!

Around 2:30, I staggered to the metro station to head into the DeeCee. I ended up at the Barnes and Noble (they now have free wifi), had some coffee (to sober up), and then shopped for a book. Recently, while cleaning, I found a B&N gift card. I called the toll-free number on the back and learned that it still had $7.99 on it. Score! In the bargain bin, I found a book by Amy Tan, Saving Fish from Drowning, which I have been wanting to read. And it was only $6.98. Yay.

Book purchased, I took a meandering photo walk to the metro station and headed to Nellie's. Tomokito and Mike (Who Makes Cakes) met me there later. We had many cheap drinks and lots of fun. Tomokito left to get home to teh baby. Mike and I went to his house for food, more drinks, and Star Trek on the tube.

Pictures from the day are here

Saturday, I slept in. YAY! I did some cleaning. I blobbed. And around 4ish, I headed into the Wilds of Virginia. You see, David is in town, and the lovely ShallowGal invited us to her home for a barbeque.

OMG. So much fun. The Spawn are amazing. Definitely not shy. Funny. Intelligent. and all around good kids. We had pizza cooked on the grill. It was delicious. And lots and lots of booze (including some blueberry-infused gin!). I didn't take many pictures though. David did. I'm sure he'll be doing a post at some point.

I didn't get home until very very late. But it was well worth it. Thanks again for a lovely day, ShallowGal, PCSGuy, and Spawn!

Sunday, I blobbed. And, then, I went upstairs and had G&Ts with Tomokito and Baby Hana. (Well, Baby Hana didn't actually have a G&T). Then, I returned home and blobbed some more.

In other news, this weekend, I received two very interesting emails. I will tell you about one: It was from a former college professor of mine. It seems I mentioned his name several years ago in a post (and that I had a little crush on him). He must have googled his name and found the blog. He wrote and said that he considered that to be a compliment. Isn't that sweet? I think that email may have reignited the little crush ... even after all this time. Anyway, I emailed him back to say thanks. I wonder if I'll hear back ...

(and I'm not telling about the other email just yet)

Today, I meeting David for a day of sightseeing and drunken mayhem. Or just sightseeing. We're going to the zoo and then a few museums. Should be fun.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. anne marie in philly8:59 AM

    OMG, should I alert the media that you two hawt boys are going to be running rampant in deecee?

    LOL; have a great day!

  2. You just leave us these cliffhangers to keep us coming back. ;)