Thursday, August 13, 2009

What Happened Wuuuuz

Good afternoon, Kittens!

Thanks so much for the good vibes sent my way yesterday. I had an interview at EPA. I'm not sure how it went. It wasn't spectacular, but it also wasn't awful. I don't think they quite understood my sense of humor. This seemed to be a screening interview, in which the two interviewers alternated asking questions from a prepared list. They said that there will be probably be one more round of interviews next week (or so). At the end of the interview, they asked if I felt like there were any questions that they should have asked but didn't.

Of course, I mentioned that I was surprised they didn't ask about my year of unemployment. Y thinks that was a mistake. I believed it would have eventually come up anyway. And I spun it into a good thing: looking for work, participating in charitable activities, Co-op Board service, and personal development (reading/pottery class). What do you think? Should I have mentioned it? Or have I sealed my doom?

Interview over, I had to rush home, change, and head to pottery class ... which was a bit of a disappointment. I only had two things out of the glaze kiln. And my final two mugs were still being bisque-fired. Basically, I had nothing to do. Since I had to wait for Y to come pick me up (my regular ride was out of town), the Instructor suggested I use the last of my clay for throwing practice. I made the chalice-thing pictured above.

Since this was the last class, I would not have time to finish it. So, I destroyed it and gave the clay to a classmate who will be taking a course next session.

Here are the two glazed items which were ready to take home, both of which I made at the end of the Spring 09 session but didn't have time to glaze:

Handbuilt MugHand-built Mug. In Nutmeg. Quite Small. Who wants it?

Handbuilt CreamerHand-built Creamer. In Butternut. I'm thinking of keeping this one.

And, here's something I made a few weeks ago which will probably start making an appearance on some of my future pottery:

Dragonfly StampDragonfly Stamp

Y picked me up from class. I was starving, so we went to a sushi place near his apartment. After dinner, we went back to his place, fooled around for a bit and I went to bed.

This morning, there was more hot sweaty buttsecks and, then, I came home. I really need to work on my Thank You letters this afternoon. Fun times.

And maybe eat lunch.

Have a great rest of your day! *smooches*

ps. I didn't forget about 12 of 12 this month. I just didn't do it b/c I was prepping all morning for the interview.


  1. I agree that it would have come up anyway, especially on your resume. I think it was smart and proactive and showed that you weren't just sitting around moping for a year. You were sitting around DRINKING and moping for a year.

  2. I don't see it as bad if you used the opportunity to discuss all the things that you had been doing while out of work.

    Probably, though, they were also looking for you to ask a specific question about the job in question (e.g. I am surprised you didn't ask about my vast knowledge of water treatment plants).

    Fingers crossed about next week.

  3. anne marie in philly5:34 PM

    I second david.

    I like the dragonfly stamp.

    if you had cut the top of the chalice-like thingy, you could have had a nice soup/cereal bowl. ah well, there is always the fall pottery class...

    more good vibrations for next week from me to Y-O-U!

  4. Agree with David.

    And I, too, like the dragonfly stamp.

    Good luck and fingers crossed!

  5. I loathe the interview process. (And anyone working in HR) They're looking for genuine, honest hardworking people, but at the same time you're expected to give the "correct" answers in order to be hired. Lie if you have to seems to be the smart advice. Fucked up system. Still, I hope you get the govt job.

  6. I second Tornwordo.

    LOVE the dragonfly stamp, and the poor, doomed chalice-y thing.

    All of my fingers are crossed for you, and some toes, too!

  7. In my experience, I ALWAYS (well... I've stopped going on interviews, so 'always' means back when I still tried to be employed) got asked what I have done during my 'employment gaps' - so I think being proactive was a good idea - and it sounds like you explained that well. (And probably NOT mentioning your experimentation with flavor-infused gin was a good decision.) Fingers and paws crossed. (And I like the little mug - very cute!)

  8. I'm sending good vibes for un-unemployment. (two negatives make a positive, remember) Love the dragonfly stamp. The small mug is kinda cute, with it's stampy goodness an' all.