Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Update: Popsicle Edition

Good Morning, Kittens. Time to grab a cup of coffee and dish about the weekend.

And, yes, I did make the mug pictured. It's one of the two final pieces I made in pottery class this summer. The glaze is firebrick and black matte. Me likey the combination. I kept one mug and gave the other to SCGB.

Anyway, the weekend. On Friday evening, SCGB and I drove over to Mike's house laden with party foods and drinks. SCGB went out to dinner and I stayed to start making the Bellini Pops.

There was a lot of this:

And this:

And some of this:

And this:

Popsicles safely ensconced in the freezer, I headed back to Silver Spring.

Saturday, I spent most of the day knitting (and drinking chile-infused tequila with Tomokito, the Bad Mommy). Then, around 7, SCGB and I headed over to Mike's to finish setting up for the party.

Mike had finished the cake. I looked absolutely amazing:

(and it was delicious).

The party was a blast. Even though the weather was kinda crappy, there was a good turnout of friends. The popsicle cocktails were a hit. The basic idea was to make a boozy highball and use a complimentary fruit cocktail as a garnish/stirrer.

The Bellini Pops were a bit of a disappointment though. They tasted OK, but were ... gooey. I'm sure it had to do with the alcohol freezing point, but I followed the recipe exactly (I know!). Perhaps the prosecco I used had a higher percentage alcohol or kthe creators of the recipe fudged a bit when they tested it.

Still, good times. I was way durnk.

Sunday morning? V. Hung. Over.

I slept in a bit. Then, I headed into the District to meet my friend, Christal, for lunch/brunch at 2. We went to Matchbox on 8th St, SE. It was so great to see her (and her sister and a few other friends). Here's a pic:

I got home around 7, had a quick bite for dinner (CNTBD's homemade gazpacho - YUM!), and knitted for a bit. Around 8, I headed up to SCGB's for more cake (and booze!).

All in all, a pretty fantastic weekend!


  1. I like the combination of colors on your mug too. Firebrick is the new Michigan Brown.

    I still want to try those Bellini pops, gooey or not.

  2. Michigan has its own shade of brown?

    Freezing liquor sounds fine and all -- But, in the end, I'd probably rather just drink it straight.

  3. I'm loving that cake - and the popsicles look good too.

  4. anne marie in philly6:10 PM

    mike outdid himself on the cake!

    looks like someone had all the fun!

  5. Your talent for making alcoholic beverages is staggering. Heh.

  6. Ok for supa serial, I need to get my drinkerz on with you. You party like I like to party. EXCESSIVELY.

    Good for us!

  7. "Mike had finished the cake. I looked absolutely amazing."

    Your typos are a bit Freudian.

    I want a Mike cake for my birthday.